Advertising: Past, present and future

Here’s a really interesting slide show called Advertising:

Past, present and future.

It does what it says on the tin really. There are some great examples of classic ads and it gives a new perspective on how things have changed – and continue to change. Are the days of ‘traditional’ advertising really numbered?

The presentation, prepared by Invitro Innovation of Singapore, goes right back to the beginning of the advertising industry and shows just how far we’ve come. Will we ever see classic press ads again or has the entire advertising paradigm shifted? Is creativity still key or is it now just a numbers game? The internet and new media seem to have changed everything we used to believe in. It’s no longer enough to interrupt people as they watch TV or read a magazine. Instead we’re told we have to engage with people on a personal level and talk to them one to one. But, then again, didn’t we always do that? Although the printed word may have given way to the binary byte, are the principles of advertising any different now compared to thirty, forty, fifty years ago?


Advertising: Past, Present and Future from Invitro Innovation