past present and future of advertising

Advertising: Past, present and future

Here's a really interesting slide show called Advertising: Past, present and future. It does what it says on the tin really. There are some great examples of classic ads and it gives a new perspective on how things have changed - and continue…

What kind of copywriter are you?

Whether you work freelance or for an agency, there are several different guises that we copywriters come in. 1. Business to consumer (b-to-c) copywriter This kind of copywriter is the type you’d see in movies, the wild and wacky guy (invariably…
worlds best brands

Why the world’s best brands are the world’s best brands

Brand image is probably the most important factor in what makes a company successful. Get it right and you can develop an enterprise that will become a world beater and a top known name. The world's best brands are an ever-changing chart but…
Original, Unique and Duplicate Content

Original, Unique and Duplicate Content… Why still the confusion?

Listen up. This is simple so I’m going to keep it short. There’s still a lot of confusion among writers when it comes to multiple copies of their work (i.e. blog post) circulating around the internet. Despite excellent technical articles,…
fans and followers are the new backlinks

SEO tips: ‘fans’ and ‘followers’ are the new backlinks

Here's some handy SEO tips. Many freelancers depend on a high Google-ranking for a large portion of their work. But Google is changing the way it ranks websites. The traditional Pagerank system is changing to social networks. It’s time for…
WordPress for websites

WordPress for websites: WordPress will give your SEO a boost

Wordpress websites are taking over. Good news for most freelancers, except web designers of course. Now anyone can design and edit their own website without paying thousands to the designer for the initial website, and then extra every time…
future of freelancing

The future of freelancing: Will all creatives be freelancers soon?

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'Freelancing' is no longer an euphemism for being out of work. In the States, where the economic situation is on the up, freelancers are an important force in the success of agencies pitching for new clients or realizing big projects. So, what…
SEO tips for copywriters

SEO advice for copywriters – What every freelancer should know before hiring an SEO

As you probably know, hiring a SEO company or specialist to optimize your website can be a difficult and nerve wracking experience. There are 1000s out there and how do you pick one? How can you be sure they're going to do a job? Now you know…