past present and future of advertising

Advertising: Past, present and future

Here's a really interesting slide show called Advertising:Past, present and future.It does what it says on the tin really. There are some great examples of classic ads and it gives a new perspective on how things have changed - and continue…
Why is branding so important

Why is branding so important?

At the outset of any business, at some point, there is probably a conversation about how the founders want that business to appear to the public. The result of that conversation becomes the ideal brand image for that company.Because what…
Freelancer on holiday

Freelancer vacation: The best times for freelancers to go on vacation

As a freelancer, you're often caught in a catch 22 situation when it comes to vacation time: You can go on holiday anytime you like (friends think you're on a permanent holiday), but you're worried about going away, because you might miss out…
future of freelancing

The future of freelancing: Will all creatives be freelancers soon?

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'Freelancing' is no longer an euphemism for being out of work. In the States, where the economic situation is on the up, freelancers are an important force in the success of agencies pitching for new clients or realizing big projects. So, what…

Spring into networking action!

Spring has truly sprung and The Collective are in celebratory mood. We've got a number of social events lined up, all of which are superb opportunities for you to mix and mingle with clients and fellow freelancers. Who knows, you may even talk…