Freelancer vacation: The best times for freelancers to go on vacation

As a freelancer, you’re often caught in a catch 22 situation when it comes to vacation time: You can go on holiday anytime you like (friends think you’re on a permanent holiday), but you’re worried about going away, because you might miss out on work.

So what months are statistically the quietest times for freelancer vacation?

The Copywriter Collective recently celebrated 10 years as an agent for freelance copywriters and creatives, and completed a study to analyze its turnover for over the past 10 years to see which months were the most busy and which were the most quiet.

The study showed that February and December were the quietest times. December makes sense as most people only work half the month and clients close down. February was a surprise though.

The busiest period was autumn. Everyone is back to work and trying to catch up after their summer vacations. Summer is of course a busy time for freelancers because they have to cover while the full-timers are on holiday.

holidays statistic

So think of this the next time you plan a vacation. Go in February when it’s cheaper and you’ll miss out on the least amount of work.

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  1. Freelance Copywriter
    Freelance Copywriter says:

    Even freelancers need a vacation to unwind, to relax the mind and body, as well as to refresh. Vacation is definitely an unpaid time and a freelancer have to prepare ahead and save before they leave for vacation. However, a lot of freelancers do not get a vacation since they can’t afford to lose income.

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