Work for one of the top 5 industries for copywriting and make a packet!

Focusing on a couple of core industries can be a wise strategy. If you can develop strength in one and become the expert of it, you could be more successful than if you bounce from industry to industry, never achieving skill beyond “adequate” in each one. This article describes five industries that are likely to be profitable and enjoyable. You can get into these top 5 industries for copywriting right now (yes, today!), as they all have room for a hero to arise. That hero could be you.

How I chose the top 5

I’d like to say that I called up skills from my engineering days and wrote a complex program that predicted to the nearest cent the profitability of each possible industry and these are the top five. However, in reality my choices were influenced by the following factors:

1) Profitability (Large, Growing, Sticking Around)

I made sure that all of these industries turned up on multiple lists found by searching Google for “high growth industries 2013” and “profitable industries 2013”.

2) Competition

In any profitable industry, there’ll be high competition, eventually. The way around this is to get in first – by being at the cutting edge. From my perspective right now, there’s plenty of room in these industries simply due their high growth and freshness. As far as I can tell there are very few specialty copywriting firms aimed at serving these industries.

3) My own personal bias

I’m really sorry, but this list has biases. Forgive me! But if it didn’t I’d be writing about odd and/or boring industries including hot sauce, cattle ranching, architecture just because they’re high growth/profitable. My sincerest apologies if one of those industries is your pride and joy.

Remember that you have to do what you know and love. These following industries might be all odd and/or boring to you. Never get involved in something just for the money if you won’t also enjoy the journey or derive fulfilment from your success.

The Top 5 Industries for copywriting


1. New / Future Technology

Can you convince people that “The Future is Here“? There is an art to pitching something that is brand new. You’re showing people that the old ways are inefficient, uncool, unprofitable and heading for disaster… while the new way is better than sliced bread (even better than Naan bread, which is far superior to ordinary sliced bread).

You’ll never know what you’re about to write copy for, but if you position yourself as a copywriter specifically for new technologies, you could have a constant influx of businesses needing you to show potential customers that the new way is the only way forward. And hey, one of them might be the next 3D printing – being the go-to expert for a niche like this could prove to be… well… rather profitable, don’t you think?

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2. Private Education

I could be biased, but I declare that people are starting to see the shortcomings of public education systems. Products and services improve in a free-market capitalist system because of competition. For a long time there has been very little competition in education, especially at a tertiary level.

We will see the institutions we grew up with start to lose their grip on their education oligopoly as private companies start to educate. You’ll have an easy time working in this industry because you’re writing copy for a higher quality service that is sold at a lower price than the status quo, and you know how easily the words flow when you truly believe in the product.

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3. Pharmaceuticalspills

The value chain of the pharmaceutical industry is constantly undergoing massive changes. This means that different sellers are selling different products and services to different buyers. Relationships amongst key players in the game are changing every day.

This means that there are constantly new opportunities for you to help one pharmaceutical company sell to another due to the endless stream of new value propositions that need to be communicated.

Pharmaceuticals aren’t exactly the easiest things to understand – there are certainly very few expert copywriters running around the industry. If you’re looking for a niche where you can charge a lot of money to entities with deep, deep pockets, this could be it. Invest some time into learning the industry and you’ll have an extremely unique selling point.

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4. Solar Energy

Two words: Elon Musk. This is the man to thank after you move into the solar energy niche and become incredibly wealthy. Now and in the coming years we’re going to see the solar industry get some serious traction as it literally becomes cheaper to use solar energy than fossil fuels. When businesses start to realize that they can instantly lower their costs (and thereby increase profits) by investing in solar energy, they’ll be queuing up for it.

In turn, providers will be crowding the market place to proposition their service as the best. They’re all going to need to market themselves better than the next guy and they’re going to need someone to turn to. Is that person going to be you, or your copywriting competitor?


5. Information Productslight

Internet marketer “Brendan Burchard” stresses that “you can make money by teaching other people what you know”. The Internet is starting to facilitate regular people teaching the skills and knowledge that they have learned over many years. Productivity? Self-development? How to do Yoga? How to exercise? There are information products for all of these.

But these are just the most obvious categories. The next decade will see information products for just about any skill or area of focus you can imagine. Information products can sell for up to $3,000 a pop. They are extremely profitable for their creators and it is in their interests to increase conversions to as high as possible with the most persuasive copywriting.

Right now most creators of information products do their own marketing, including copywriting – that leaves the door open for you.

Your Action Step

As you read this, you probably started to identify the industries that are perfect for you. They might be the industries that I mentioned or other industries might have floated into your mind.

Take action today!  Position yourself as the go-to expert for your favourite industry. Start approaching businesses in that industry and telling them you specialise in it. Watch them easily choose you over a general copywriting services provider.