past present and future of advertising

Advertising: Past, present and future

Here's a really interesting slide show called Advertising: Past, present and future. It does what it says on the tin really. There are some great examples of classic ads and it gives a new perspective on how things have changed - and continue…
Top tips on writing for social media

Top tips on writing for social media

Writing for social media is one of the most important things you can do to take advantage of the new media revolution. This is also important if you are just blogging for fun or intend to monetize your blog in the future. Read the top tips…
cool ambient media executions

5 really cool ambient media executions

Seen as a non-traditional method of advertising, ambient media gets attention and it is extremely versatile. The term “Ambient Media” became commonly used in the advertising industry around 1999 when it was first coined. It is used as…
fans and followers are the new backlinks

SEO tips: ‘fans’ and ‘followers’ are the new backlinks

Here's some handy SEO tips. Many freelancers depend on a high Google-ranking for a large portion of their work. But Google is changing the way it ranks websites. The traditional Pagerank system is changing to social networks. It’s time for…