Creative tactics to get more followers on Instagram

Instagram is a prominent social media platform that has seen a profound expansion, particularly since the beginning of the COVID pandemic. It has served as a media to connect people through pictures, videos, stories, and much more. Brands have…

Measuring your social media and why it matters

If there are two platforms that have made business networking easy and affordable, they have to be coworking spaces and social media. Working from a coworking space, or wherever in the world you are based, exposes you to chances and opportunities…
top 5 content marketing in 2020

5 content marketing strategies to know in 2020

Content marketing is evolving every year with technological advancement. Regardless of whether you're simply beginning with content marketing or you've been using a similar marketing plan for some time. It is very important to keep up to date…
Instagram is one of the largest social networks

How to optimise your social media brand content

Social media is undeniably good at promoting content for businesses. Whether it’s fashion, food, tech, or travel, any business can be promoted online with great results. However, since social media is saturated with posts of all kinds, the…

Steps to follow to drive more website traffic through social media

You must be well aware of the fact that social media is the most popular and effective way for businesses to get engaged with their target audiences. It is also likely that you post regularly on Facebook and even respond diligently to a few…

Everything you need to know about creating viral content

Ted is one of those guys who believe in going to bed early and that’s the reason why he wakes up to some interesting messages from his friends every morning. However, last Sunday morning was a bit unusual as he received the same meme from…
past present and future of advertising

Advertising: Past, present and future

Here's a really interesting slide show called Advertising:Past, present and future.It does what it says on the tin really. There are some great examples of classic ads and it gives a new perspective on how things have changed - and continue…
Top tips on writing for social media

Top tips on writing for social media

Writing for social media is one of the most important things you can do to take advantage of the new media revolution. This is also important if you are just blogging for fun or intend to monetize your blog in the future. Read the top tips…

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Cira - Spanish copywriter

Cira – Spanish copywriter – Barcelona

Top Industry: Fashion Languages: Spanish, English Location: Barcelona, ES

Pedro – Portuguese copywriter – Lisbon

Top Industry: Food&Drink Languages: English, Portoguese Location: Lisbon, PT
matheysg - Bilingual copywriter

Matheus – Brazilian copywriter

Top Industry: Chemical Languages: English, Portoguese Location: Brazil
Javi - Spanish copywriter

Javi – Spanish copywriter – Barcelona

Top Industry: Audiovisual Languages: English, Spanish Location: Barcelona, ES