5 content marketing strategies to know in 2020

Content marketing is evolving every year with technological advancement. Regardless of whether you’re simply beginning with content marketing or you’ve been using a similar marketing plan for some time. It is very important to keep up to date and adopt new trends.

Rather than pitching your products or services, you are giving genuinely significant and valuable content to your audiences and clients to assist them in solving their issues. The initial step to getting a decisive advantage over the competition is to have a strong, and effective content marketing strategy. In case you’re facing difficulty in planning for this year or need any guidance on content marketing, stay with me till the end.

View your content as your product

Creating compelling content is the most important thing in content marketing. However, writing good content does not mean writing any interesting topic. Because content marketing means you are going to provide information that your audience is looking for. So, the content you are writing must serve a purpose.

I think you’ve heard this famous phrase, “Content is King.” There is no question that the phrase is really meaningful but not in this context. As a content marketer, you can redefine the phrase as “Content is a Product.” When you treat your content as your product, you focus more on the design process than the literature of the content. If you think this way, you can easily understand the need for your audience rather than creating irrelevant content.

Create a content marketing funnel

A content marketing funnel consists of four major processes. The first one is to attract the audience through advertising your content. The second one is to convince your audience. Once your audience is convinced follow them up until they convert into customers. After the conversion, offer them a loyalty program to make them your loyal customers.

The challenge for a content strategist is to seamlessly engage the audience through the four stages of the funnel. At every stage, the content strategist has to adopt different techniques and procedures to ensure customer engagement.

Social Media and content marketingUse social media for content marketing

One of the most effective and economic ways for content marketing is social media marketing. Because social media has benefits that can potentially increase the chances of success in content marketing.

Adopt a social media strategy for advertising and marketing your content through various social media platforms. Share your content at a regular interval. We all know that most of the users are active on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. That’s why social media networks can help you to reach more audiences.

One more advantage of social media platforms is that it offers many advanced tools and features by which can manage your posts. You can use competitive analysis to know your competitor’s performance. The filter tool helps you to find potential customers to find your target audience.

Create a content marketing calendar

What is a content marketing calendar? This is a tool that helps you to navigate your content marketing strategy with time. A calendar helps you to share your content with your audience in a particular order.

It does not matter whether you run a company website or a social media page. You need a well-organized calendar that will help you to post your content periodically. It requires an analysis of the different stages of the content marketing funnel. Because you need a different type of content to post at every stage of the content marketing funnel. The benefit of using a content marketing calendar is that you can keep track of your previous posts. This makes the content posting an easier task for you.

Design a plan of action

This is the most important thing in the whole content marketing strategy. Because when you are ready with everything, it’s time for execution. It covers each and every detail of your whole content marketing journey.

The plan of action shows you the step by step process that has to be executed within a certain time frame. Like you need to take care of everything from content creation to posting on various platforms. You need to divide the whole content marketing strategy into subparts.

The specific details of the plan include, what content you will create, what are the topics you are going to cover. In addition to this, when and where are you going to share these contents? Taking feedback from your audience and providing appropriate responses to them.

So, to design a plan of action you need to take care of certain things. You need to divide your main goal into sub-goals for each stage. First, you need to identify your target audience. Secondly, create a list of topics based on the requirements of your audience. Then creating compelling content and a content marketing calendar as per the content marketing funnel. Your job is to clearly define every stage of your content marketing plan and execute it properly.


It requires some critical thinking, time, and effort to grow an effective content marketing strategy. Create a successful content marketing plan by adopting the different techniques described above. As I have mentioned in the post, to treat your content as your product, it will help you to create compelling content. Social media platforms help you to spread awareness of your brand efficiently. Then a content marketing funnel can work for you to attract potential customers and convert them into loyal customers. If you have any queries regarding content marketing, then feel free to ask.

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