Is Instagram the go-getter among the other social media platforms? Truly speaking, it is one of the preferred social media platforms for businesses to reach the target masses. Before going into this, it is essential to explore why social media is the key to online business today. With different platforms, such as Linked In, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, businesses have plenty of opportunities to reach the target audience but Instagram is a preferred option for brand promotion in social media. Take a glimpse of the following.

  • About eighty per cent of all users on Instagram have a business account.
  • More than sixty per cent of users of Instagram visit the site daily.
  • About fifty-nine per cent of micro-influencers believe that they can get the best engagement on Instagram.
  • Instagram gets over two million advertisers every month.

The statistics above clearly show the immense growth of Instagram and proves why the most popular brands from across the world congregate here to showcase their offerings.

Getting the basics

It’s true that Instagram began as a social media platform to share filtered photographs but it gradually took the shape of a shopping platform and brands started posting their products here, which became a major source of acquiring revenue. The crowd of Instagram comprises of younger and wider audiences and the launch of private collections a couple of years back allows users to save individual posts. With social media influencers, you can get around eighty per cent of users on the platform when compared to the other social media platforms.

Instagram is social and micro

Instagram is one of the platforms to showcase unique photographs but you can like or heart any picture or comment on it. Therefore, you can follow people on Instagram as you like and let them follow you, and let them view the content, unlike the other platforms.

Microblogging is fast becoming popular and Instagram is a haven for bloggers. Moreover, Instagram allows users with quick visuals to share information, so bloggers can encapsulate visual components to enhance engagement.

Targeting smartphone users

Unlike previous times, smartphone users are all around today. More people access the internet through smartphones today, which has made social networks become mobile-dependant. Here is what you need to know.

  • Studies indicate that people spend around ninety per cent of their time on the smartphone and the apps and the functionality of Instagram on the Smartphone makes it more user-friendly.
  • If you have an internet connection on your mobile phone, you are more likely to use the platform.
  • The potential of the Instagram app will grow in the future when more people switch to smartphones in the future.
  • With the capacity of engaging users on their mobile devices, the social platform has gradually made it to the smartphones of different segments of users.

Enhancing the reach

You are familiar with the fact that Instagram currently has about eight hundred million active monthly users. With over twenty-five million business accounts and eighty-per cent of users following one of those accounts, Instagram is accessible to about two million monthly advertisers. Therefore, Instagram may not have stiff competition and provides better scope of success with marketing. However, if you are still not satisfied with the engagement of your business account on the platform, you can resort to buying Instagram likes.

Penetration of target market and content display

The impulsiveness of buying is similar among men and women. Therefore, you can influence the readiness of both of them to buy. However, when offering a product to shoppers, showcasing it on Instagram is one of the best options to choose. All you need to do on Instagram is use a short video or a picture of the product with super-resolution to appeal to the target audience. You can expect the audience to visit your website and bring more traffic to it. With about seventy per cent of female users of the platform, businesses can feel inspired to encourage them for more shopping and earn good revenue.

You are aware that Instagram is more visual when compared to other social media channels. However, that does not mean that you cannot upload videos on Facebook and Twitter. However, the area where the platform scores over the other platforms of social media is due to its user interface. Viewing so many videos and images every day makes the social platform suitable for customer engagement.

Enhancing the engagement rates

If you are yet to become familiar, with about five hundred people, use Instagram regularly. However, it is not just the vast viewers that propel the brands to flock to the platform to generate the rate of engagement. Take a look at the following.

  • Engagement is one of the most significant aspects to note when choosing influencers for marketing campaigns.
  • When choosing the influencers, do not miss their engagement rate and check the follower counts only.
  • The higher is the engagement rate; the greater is the count of followers.
  • Look for genuine influencers related to your industry and track your marketing campaigns effectively.

The points above clearly demonstrate how Instagram emerges as one of the most effective platforms for brands to flaunt their products.

Boost your conversion rate

For a majority of businesses with an online presence, boosting the conversion is one of the top priorities to consider. Instagram provides the best returns even if you are not able to use the clickable links on this platform like the other social media platforms.

Closing thoughts

Instagram helps in building a unique persona of your business as it allows you to mould the way customers perceive your product. All they need is to enter the hashtag and find relevant images. You can share different kinds of images related to your business and lend a personality to your brand.

The special built-in messaging feature differentiates it from other social media platforms. If you prefer a post on Instagram and like it, it is easy to share it through the Direct Message facility. With all of these and more, the platform has managed to score over the other social media platforms.

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