Creative tactics to get more followers on Instagram

Instagram is a prominent social media platform that has seen a profound expansion, particularly since the beginning of the COVID pandemic. It has served as a media to connect people through pictures, videos, stories, and much more. Brands have analyzed how to get closer to their target audience and useful Instagram posts can make a positive impact on your followers, promoting your brand and engaging your audience. Since the pandemic began in early 2020, brands have been approaching new ways to gain followers.

Users share more than 95 million posts every day on Instagram. What you post makes a profound impact on the audience. The feeds are thus essential for the overall development of the brand.

Creative ideas to help you buy followers on Instagram

Ask questions to your followers

Followers are the most crucial aspect of any business. If you ask the followers to share updates, then they will get a sense of belonging to your brand. The insights that they provide will help you to come up with better quality content. If you ask the right question, then it can help you provide better products. The opinions of the customers will also make them feel engaged in the business venture.


Consider providing your followers with free tutorials of your service or product. Tutorials are thus a powerful mechanism that will give your customers a sense of free service. People immediately take in anything that comes free. When the customers see that you are making an extra effort to reach out to them, they will feel pleased. It is particularly useful in the present pandemic scenario when there are restrictions on movement. It will be beneficial for you, and you will be able to buy followers on Instagram effortlessly. The more free services you offer, the better it is for your company.

Try to go behind the scenes

A significant way to humanize your brand is by giving the customers a view of your brand’s unseen aspects. Try to communicate to them the activities that the people behind the scenes undertake. It will serve a dual purpose – the employees will get an excellent boost to work better when they see that their efforts are essential and your customers. It will also provide an opportunity to value your employees. Try to show the fun side of your workplace. It can be anything that involves the staff’s effort that works so hard to keep the things in working order.

Try to conduct an AMA

AMA stands for ‘ask me anything’. It is a powerful way to connect to your audience. It is beneficial to get their views into place. They will get a connotation that you care for them. When you open the forum for questions, it can answer their doubts, queries and questions. It will help to create brand awareness. Try to involve the AMA in the posts so that you can reach the audience. When the customers get a platform to clear their doubts, it will also develop their commitment.

Share thought leadership

Sharing visionary thoughts is a compelling way to connect to the audience. Your brand should be a leading source of great ideas and trends. Outstanding leadership comes in the form of thoughts, lessons, takes, and much more. You will have to share it to create a famous brand that everyone remembers. It is thus very crucial for brand authenticity and engagement. People always want someone who can lead them. The brands that emerge as good leaders can go a long way in their search for followers. It will help you to attract the audience, who are the engines of any business. They can take you close to your target.

Hence Instagram has enabled businesses to witness a significant shift in the COVID situation. You need to have an excellent strategy so that your business touches great heights. Thus you can only grow your business page in the present scenario by imbibing the pandemic scenario into new and unique contents.


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