Copywriting and Covid-19: How to keep your mojo working

Being home is great. You don’t have to pay someone to prepare your food or cut your hair, it’s where your bed lives and, unless your flatshare is especially grim, you can use the bathroom in complete comfort. Who would ever leave? Assuming…

How does the COVID-19 outbreak affect content marketing and SEO?

The Coronavirus has been such an uprooting force that there are many aspects of life that have been deeply affected. Social gatherings have been prohibited, if not discouraged, businesses have been asked to cease operations temporarily or at…
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How a small Covid-19 free country deals with economic stress

Covid-19 hit the entire world like a tidal wave, and small businesses, in particular, were in danger of drowning in the flood. There has been a lot of focus on the world's largest economies, but how are businesses in small economies faring? Belize…

Crisis, communication and COVID-19

It’s currently a tough time for brands, this won’t come as a surprise seeing as it's a difficult period for most. In light of this, let’s spare a moment for the many celebrities currently imprisoned in their gilded cages, mansions and…

Diversify your income in Covid-19 with transcreation

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing many people around the world to work from home and we're facing a recession because of it. Many are finding ways to adjust under quarantine through productivity tips, especially since the lack of social interaction…