Are you a parent working from home? How do you manage your life-work balance?

Balancing family with work is a lot trickier than some might think. Work and family, both are important factors that sometimes can take a lot of toll on a freelancer. But not only freelancers do work from home, but it can also be a full-time job remotely done too. Whether you are a freelancer or doing a full-time job remotely, it is difficult being a parent working from home. Each work environment comes with its unique set of challenges and being the responsible person you are, you need to create a healthy work-life balance. During COVID-19 a lot of ironic moments were shared online. Keeping such conditions in mind we have developed an array of the list you can follow to manage your work-life balance.



It may seem simple enough to do but it’s not. Before you can start work from home, it’s best to set some ground rules (boundaries) for any family member. This goes for both adults and children so that you as a parent can meet your job expectations while your family cooperates on the sideline.

By setting the ground rules you can evaluate your progress at work too; whether you are working little or too much. Also, when you are planning on the Do’s and Don’ts, add the list of “distractions” in Don’ts too. Identifying your distraction is an important part of setting the ground rules.  It could be that your family members are not the distraction for you instead of your mobile phone, the sound of the TV or even a doorbell can do the trick.


  • Adapt to your routine


Work from home sounds interesting, right? You have the work flexibility, you can even stretch even without any worry that someone is watching you and take as many restroom breaks as you want and so on. It’s hard to maintain a work-home pattern. Just because you are not sitting in the office can make your day lousy and affect your work performance right away.

So the way you begin your day matters a lot. Do you start with a cup of bed tea or take a shower first? Set a proper routine that best fits your work from home routine too. If you are an early riser, it’s best to jumpstart your day with a run. This gives you a much-needed adrenaline rush for the day.

It’s recommended to get up early, take a shower, and dress up for the day (like you usually would), this also prepares your mood to work and gives a fresh feel.


  • Get organized


Pick a place where you can work. Having a home office is perfect. You can use a room (or set some other workspace). You can set a work calendar too to adjust your family events, meetings, tasks to do, and so on. Being organized is a way to do your best at home. It will help you improve your time management skills too.

The hardest part is to adapt according to the new system. Don’t wait to fall off the ladder. To be perfectly organized, you need to use a business/work calendar and use it to track your work progress and prepare in advance for future tasks too. If things don’t go as planned, then readjust your work module. Seek out the spots where you lack and improvise your schedule too.

The better way to resolve this issue is by trying different organizational techniques to manage your work from home. Not only the calendar’s setting is going to help you, but you can also plan for the upcoming change of events too, keep track of your records and adjust your work schedule accordingly.


  • Adjust the work amount


What is the right amount of work to do at home? Unfortunately, the “right” amount may not be equal to the amount of work that you get to do in a day job (while at the office). You need to complete the work that meets your financial, personal, and professional goals adequately. Sometimes it can be hard to determine how many hours to spend and so on.

If you are an independent worker, who doesn’t need to answer to anyone, then you will find it hard to make both ends meet. The overflow of work is easy to mishandle, and you may miss deadlines too. This is unprofessional. If you are working as an employee then you need to make up to those deadlines. If you lack self-control over the work, that will prove to be a real hurdle in your line of work.

So it’s best to find smart ways to work in efficient money-making opportunities.


  •  Keep your family involved too


How is it possible to involve your family in your work at home routine? All you need to do is encourage your family members to stretch, exercise, or even have an hour outside in the sunlight. But how will this help with your work?

Being cooped up inside your home during COVID-19 taught us a lot of things. One of the major life lessons was to cherish the moments with your loved ones. The truth is, you will be happiest if you engage with healthy activities besides sitting at a desk for the entire day long. You need to take recreational breaks too. According to the survey conducted during the lockdowns in different countries, parents doing work from home realized how important it is to navigate through their family too.

When you do work from home, you must focus on your mental wellbeing too. You will not have to struggle with your energy levels and you will be happier this way.

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Always aim for something extra if you are a parent and a work from home employee. It may be hard to achieve your daily targets, but it is not impossible either. Work from home is also a learning platform.  How best you meet your work-life experience shows how disciplined you are.

So make sure you spend quality time not only in doing work but also with your family too.


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