5 Essential SEO tips and tricks you need to try

To stand out from your competition and attract new customers, it is vital that your website shows up in the Google search rankings. Basic SEO can help search engines find your site. To help improve your rankings here are five essential SEO tips and tricks to get you started.

1. Understand what your customers are looking for

When people go to Google to search for something they tend to use certain phrases depending on what they are looking for. For example, If you are looking to hire a local SEO for plumbers you might search for something like Hamilton Plumber SEO. If you are looking to repair your plumbing yourself you may search for how to repair a clogged drain.

To know how to find new customers, it is important to know how people search for your company and to use these phrases on your site or on your pages. You want to create content that specifically addresses what your customers are looking for to get the best match in Google rankings.

2. Use title tags

Title tags are the words that google searches for looking for relevant content on your site. Be sure the title of your page matches the content on the page – but you can be strategic and use the most commonly searched-for words and phrases to help your site stand out.

Some other suggestions for using title tags are to not use duplicate titles, use concise but descriptive language and don’t try to stuff too many keywords into one title to cover all of your words.

3. Meta descriptions

Meta descriptions are short, clear and relevant summaries of what the page or content is about. This is the text that shows up under the title when you search and lets viewers know what is on the page they are about to click on. It helps to use eye-catching descriptive phrasing with a focus on action worlds.

Companies like homeanother.com can help strategize what keywords or phrases will give you the most benefit for your particular business.

4. Make sure your website looks good and works well

If your site is full of errors or hard-to-read text your visitors won’t stay around for long. Google also runs analytics on sites looking for broken links, errors and slow-loading pages. Before you try and attract new customers to your page, be sure you spend the time

Think about your site loading speed. Lots of pictures and apps running in the background may look good, but they can also slow down your page loading time and this can affect your search engine rankings. Use great pictures and images, but be sure they are optimized for your website and for mobile users.

5. Think local

You may not show up as a top listing for the entire world right away, but you can use Google local listings as a way to rank high for SEO Hamilton and local businesses. Make sure your business is listed in Google my Business with your company info and contact information. This way you will show up on Google Maps whenever a customer is searching nearby.

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