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SEO Link Building Strategy for 2021

The digital landscape of SEO marketing is always changing. As businesses adjust to living with the COVID 19 virus and focus on online marketing, the importance of building high-quality links has never been higher.In this blog, we look at…
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10 Most common SEO mistakes

SEO, for a large part, is the backbone of content marketing. In fact, it is now more prominent than ever. Many of you know this already and would plan accordingly. You optimize your content to get ahead in the SERPS and get the desired traffic.…

10 Fatal SEO mistakes you need to avoid

SEO is extremely important for every business in the world today. If done correctly, it helps to build your brand and rank your website higher on Google. While a lot of people think SEO is for setting up a website, this is not true. SEO is an…

5 Essential SEO tips and tricks you need to try

To stand out from your competition and attract new customers, it is vital that your website shows up in the Google search rankings. Basic SEO can help search engines find your site. To help improve your rankings here are five essential SEO tips…

Portfolio Items

Aimee American Copywriter New York Copywriter Collective

Aimée – American copywriter – New York

Top Industry: Fashion, Retail Languages: English Location: New York, USA
Gennifer American Copywriter NY Copywriter Collective

Gennifer – American copywriter – New York

Top Industry: Entertainment Languages: American, English Location: New York, United States
Chiara English Copywriter London Copywriter Collective

Chiara – English copywriter – London

Top Industry: Fashion, Travel Languages: English Location: United Kingom
Seven Cheah Chinese Copywriter Collective

Seven Cheah – Chinese copywriter – Kuala Lumpur

Top Industry: Cosmetics Languages: Chinese Location: Malaysia
Mafalda Portuguese Copywriter - Copywriter Collective

Mafalda – English copywriter – Porto – Portugal

Top Industry: Nonprofit, Media, Energy/Fuel, SEO, Technology Languages: Portuguese, Spanish Location: Porto, Portugal
Susanne German Copywriter

Susanne – German copywriter – Auckland- New Zealand

Top Industry: Telecoms Languages: English, German Location:Bath, UK
Claire English Copywriter Devon

Claire – English copywriter – Devon – UK

Top Industry: Automotive Languages: English, Dutch Location: Amsterdam, NL

Arlene – Philippines copywriter – Los Banos

Top Industry: Cosmetics Languages: English, Tagalog Location: Philippines