Hello, I’m Tine, a Belgian copywriter

I live in Antwerp, Belgium.

I’m an SEO copywriter & editor(-in-chief)

I’ve been in the writing game for 18 years now, crafting content for big-shot advertising agencies like Wunderman Thompson, These Days Y&R, TBWA Brussels, Saatchi, Publicis, Kunstmaan, BUBKA, Prophets and FAMOUS. I’ve lent my wordsmith skills to a variety of brands, including Telenet, Visit Antwerp and BNP Paribas Fortis.

My forte lies in content writing, tackling everything from articles, emails and newsletters to websites. But hey, don’t hesitate to hit me up for brochures, podcasts, or other fun stuff.

After spending 6 years soaking in the vibes of Amsterdam, I made my way back to my roots in Antwerp. So, whether you’re in need of copywriting in Dutch or Flemish, I’ve got you covered.

To sum it up: I’m a trained storyteller, content creator and creative thinker. Plus, I’m super nice.