Copywriter of the week : Tanya

And here she is – looking frightened as hell, insecure, and amazingly fluffy. The blue-eyed girl from the dog shelter’s picture changed not only my life but my vocabulary too. For the 3 years that we are now together, I had to learn a brand new language – short words, assertive tone, clear messages – the dream of the copywriter. During the months of our obedience training, I and Carla learned to listen and to adapt our behavior to the current situation. And that is still the best advice I continue to give to all my students in Advertising.

From the distance of my 38 years, I know that words can both unite and separate. First, I said YES on my wedding day. Later on, I said YES on my divorce day. All the major problems in life come after you enthusiastically agree. Remember the last time you agree to update Windows?

My Ph.D. in Graphic Design is also a result of my willing response to the invitation of my University professor. Without her, the 3 years I spent writing my Ph.D. thesis would have been a long, calm, and quite an ordinary journey. Cheers, Prof. Vesselina Valkanova, Ph.D.!

I had the pleasure to be invited to work at most of the creative stops from my CV. Rarely I had the chance to apply for a job in the standard way. My career road was long and winding, passing by:  Kibea Publishing, Rouge magazine, M3 Communications, Dental Tribune Bulgaria, where I was a writer, editor, and editor-in-chief. And after so many written words, I decided to shorten the form of expression and jumped into advertising. I landed in several advertising agencies as a copywriter in their creative departments and have executed campaigns for brands like Sofia Ring Mall, Fiat, Florimont hotel, Metro, InSPORTline – to name a few.

My bachelor’s in Philosophy has taught me that there is a problem for any solution. So I moved further on the thin ice. My personal and professional evolution knocked at the door of marketing, and the whole picture finally made sense.

Among the things I am most proud of are: my way of making a creative strategy, content marketing plan, diving in the brand archetypes, shaping the brand voice, the possibility to execute a 360 degrees marketing strategy – including brand naming, logo design, visual stylistics, key messages, web site design and copywriting… and still be a pedantic player with words.

I’ve executed all of the above for several different companies already as well as for my advertising brand – Ad Squad. Go check it out immediately:

However, I love the best localizations and can even localize rhymes.

Copywriting is a state of mind. It keeps you curious and makes unusual connections between your neurons. Wherever you are, you take the unique point of view with yourself.

Me, myself and I live now in Sofia, Bulgaria – my birth town – with Carla – the dog, Max – the cat, and Darina – the daughter. :) Although I love the city and its controversial faces combining working buzz and cosy vibes, I don’t mind moving somewhere else – ideally near water and away from the crowd, where my dog could run happy, and I could feel free.

Have you thought about the words “freelance copywriting”? Not accidentally, the root of the word “freelance” is FREE. I do believe creative people are meant to operate remotely and stay away from fear, self-doubt, comfort zone, and cliches. If you are good enough, one day, the security will come from within, instead of from the lifetime employment contracts.

To be completely honest – I may not be the best copywriter in the world, but every day I am the best possible version of myself.

And since all the popular books for creative writing advise you to end a story with a joke – let me share the latest one I heard: what is the difference between the influencer and the copywriter? One of them has bigger breasts…

Not only I could not agree, but I also admit the joke was cynical and I apologize to all SEO copywriters. Please accept my apologies, apology, sorry, best apology, cheap apology, horny apology…


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