The #1 mistake almost all brands make with their content

We’ll go into the number one mistake almost all brands make with their content.

But before that, let me tell you a quick story.

Imagine meeting an attractive person online.

You asked her out for a date. She said yes.

You’re incredibly excited.

Made reservations in the fanciest restaurant within your means, cleanly shaved, sharply dressed and all ready to meet her.

And then she walks in. Gorgeous and stunning. As soon as you laid your eyes on her, you wanted to leave a lasting impression on her.

You’re all seated as you anxiously wait for her to settle down before the date begins.

Then suddenly, rather abruptly, you opened your mouth.

You started BLABBING on about that fancy sports car you have in your garage. And then you shared that experience surfing with the locals in Costa Rica last weekend. You started talking about everything going on in your life and for the next 2 whole hours, it was just you talking about yourself.

Do you think your date will ever ask you out for a second date?

Not a Chance.


So why did I bring this short story up?

Think about it. Most brands in businesses these days are just like the ‘man’.

Overly enthusiastic, proud of your achievements and anxious to want to leave a good impression towards your customers.

But, did you realise that wanting to impress them became an exhibition for you to showcase everything you’ve achieved in your business?

Does your brand sound like this?

  1. We have over 20+ years of experience in the industry.
  2. Our company is the leading X in Southeast Asia.
  3. We sell Y to 50,000 customers worldwide.


Now, I’m not saying its wrong.

It is essential to let your customers believe your brand is legitimate. Social proof takes the sting out of scepticism. But, as soon as you have shown enough to acquire the trust of your customer, revert back to their needs and wants. The secret to most successful businesses here is to strike the perfect balance between ‘showing and listening’. Do not overdo this step like most companies out there.

Don’t forget, you’ll have to think about the ‘woman’ here.

You really want to bring her home. In business terms, you want to ‘close the sale’. Do you think talking all about yourself is going to work?

I’m no relationship expert. But, I think the odds of ‘closing the sale’ would be higher if you paid more focus on listening and genuinely caring about them.

Put yourself in the heels of the ‘woman’, do you want to be with a man that can’t stop stroking his ego or do you want to find a partner that really listens to your problems and understands your needs?


Back to the topic…

It’s not your fault. Customers are self-centred.

They always want to know ‘What’s In It For Me?’ (WIIFM)

So, don’t make it all about you, you, you.

Instead, think about how their life will be drastically improved with your product.

Start thinking from their perspective on your website, social media content or even blog posts. Make them feel: ‘this company understands my needs, desires and reassure me I have nothing to worry about’.

Don’t you think they’ll be more receptive if you take care of their needs first?

“They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”.

That’s the number #1 mistake I see in most of the freelance gigs and clients that I worked with.

Are you a victim of this unfortunate circumstance too?

When it comes to copywriting, write with the customers in mind.

Think about their hopes, dreams, desires and allay their fears.


P.S. If your company is interested in creating content that connects with your customers, just drop a message in my inbox and we’ll work together on your branding.


Let’s give your company an Online Presence it deserves.

Through the Power of Words.


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