All businesses know of the vital importance of having a website to inform customers of who they are and what their products and services can do for them. Unfortunately, most websites are forced to adopt a formal stance to maintain corporate propriety, which does not allow the company to engage its customers in an informal manner designed to boost brand loyalty. This pressing need for businesses is the single-most-important reason for them to turn to social media like Instagram. Marketers can take the process one step further by integrating Instagram into their web designs and make better personal connections with their target audiences. A quick look at some of the main reasons for web developers to integrate Instagram into web design:

Helps to build a more credible and trustworthy brand

Designing a website can be a complicated business. Today’s customers are extremely discerning and constantly on the lookout for evidence of the business being trustworthy. It is essential for web developers to try to ensure that the products and services are represented authentically and that the web pages are designed professionally, keeping in mind current trends. When a website is authentic in its representation and has content that gives them the information and insights they look for, it has visitors coming back repeatedly. It helps in increasing brand recall, and with time customer loyalty develops if the brand lives up to their expectations. By integrating Instagram in the website design, web developers can bring the best of both worlds on the same platform.

Cost-effective engagement with the target audience

One of the most compelling reasons for marketers to consider integrating Instagram into their web design is that it is a very cost-effective method of engaging with potential customers. Both your website and your Instagram account already exists independently, and you are just taking the step to bridge the gap between the two so that the website can provide easy access to your Instagram account. It can be helpful to increase brand awareness and boost the level of engagement, thereafter, for visitors to your website. The traditional gap that had always existed between the formal approach of the website and the relatively casual ambience of Instagram can now be effectively integrated, allowing visitors to the website to enjoy the best of both the worlds. Visitors to the website now tend to spend a longer time on the site and thus serve to send out strong SEO signals that improve the site rankings. Even if you want to buy 50 real Instagram followers, you will be surprised to discover how little it costs.

Helps to promote the brand better

Since paid-for advertisements suffer from a general lack of credibility, often brand promotion is done better by social media like Instagram that allows products and services to be showcased visually in a way that is distinct from other social media platforms. Instagram is extremely versatile with marketers being able to showcase their offerings not only through posts but also on Instagram Stories, and IGTV that allows live streaming. The good thing is that you are not restricted to only Instagram for these brand promotion activities because now you can integrate Instagram on your website and expose your brand to a new audience. Customers visiting your website can not only check out your products and services on the site but also go on to explore what users have to say in the comments they respond with to the Instagram posts. According to, the first impression created by a website is important, and incorporating Instagram in it certainly helps marketers project an up-to-date look.

Boost the number of your Instagram followers

Marketing success is closely linked with the number of potential customers who are aware of the brand and want to engage with it. One of the most important focuses of having a social media presence is to increase the reach of the brand by constantly acquiring new followers. Adding the Instagram profile to your website helps marketers to take advantage of the traffic generation to the website by SEO and brand advertising and increase the awareness of the brand by offering another opportunity to the target audience to know more and interact with the brand. By the simple expedient of adding Instagram into your website design, you will be able to attract the attention of the visitors to your website to your Instagram account. If these visitors find your business to be interesting, they will want to also follow you on Instagram for the latest news and updates. It, therefore, follows that by incorporating Instagram into your web design, you can easily increase your brand reach and acquire new followers at no incremental cost.

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Incorporating Instagram into your web design can indeed be a smart move for marketers who want to boost their brand reach as well as customer engagement as quickly as possible. The multiple benefits, combined with the relative ease with which the integration can be done make the concept even more attractive.