4 Steps to writing effective and compelling landing page copy

In the world of marketers, sales pages and landing pages are high ranking members. Every digital marketer should know just how important these pages are to acquiring and converting leads to sales. Hence, it is also important that the copy used on these pages are effective and compelling enough to attract and convince users.

This post covers a step-by-step guide for writing an effective and concise landing page copy. One that converts, as that is usually the ultimate goal of every landing or sales page.

For a start, however, here are some tips for writing landing page copy that converts.

  • Lay emphasis on the benefits, not the product.
  • Write in plain languages.
  • Write a killer headline.
  • Address the reader directly.
  • Be specific. Use numbers.

So, how do you write an effective landing page copy?

Follow the steps below:

  1. Outline your value proposition An important feature of your landing page copy is that they should perfectly communicate your product’s value proposition. In as few words as possible. To make this easier to achieve, it is best you create a sheet and outline exactly what your product’s value propositions are.

In this sheet, you should list out the problems your ideal customer likely faces, how exactly your product helps to solve this problem, and how your customers feel after their problem is solved. Do this for every problem <> value proposition. What this does is put you in the shoes of your customers. This way, you’d know exactly what kind of words would be compelling to them in their situation.

This is your most important landing page copy tool. It’s time to use it.

  1. Make a rough draft of numerous landing page copy After you must have come up with all shades of customer problems and how you provide value, it’s time to write to convert them. You will be doing so by occasionally peeping at your value proposition sheet and coining words, phrases, and sentences to address the problems highlighted directly.

For example:

  • Problem: customers don’t get to sleep well.
  • Solution (value proposition): A mattress that helps people sleep perfectly.
  • After-effect: Happiness and productivity after a good night’s sleep.
  • Initial copy draft: Better sleep, 97% productivity. It could be you!

At this stage, do not worry about perfection. Just write as many landing page copy as you can. It’s called a rough draft for a reason. Just keep writing and addressing the value proposition sheet you created directly. Do this until you’re out of things to write.

  1. Cross out unnecessary words, adjectives e.t.c After writing, it’s time to optimize. At this stage, you start to cross out certain unnecessary words. While writing your rough draft, chances are, they are long, not so concise phrases. Hence, it’s good to trim them.

Look out for adjectives, adverbs, fluffy words, or just plain unnecessary words. Words/phrases like; the ultimate, the best, really, immediately. Replace these with numbers like 95%, 3 minutes, and so on.

  1. Further Optimization Now the last step. Look over all your copy again and clean it up. Delegate which copy to use as the headline and which ones to use at different sections of the landing pages.

Many things work together to create a great landing page. A great and compelling copy is just one of the many landing page best practices to put in place. That is if you want to achieve maximum conversion on your landing pages as a marketer.

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