Hello, I’m Branden, an American copywriter

I live in Los Angeles, USA

I’m a Freelance creative screenwriter

Branden Kramer is a freelance creative and screenwriter. He works with top-tier ad agencies and production companies on clients like Apple, Samsung, AT&T, and Hulu. You might have seen some of his work, including WEBCAM, which went viral, getting the attention of numerous celebrities like Lil Wayne and Ashton Kutcher, as well as the FBI, who requested to license it. Or maybe you saw The Situation Shirt, which ended up on The Today Show after going viral. Branden’s filmmaking side informs his advertising side and vice versa. His full length indie film RATTER premiered at the BFI London Film Festival and was acquired by Sony Pictures — it’s available to stream worldwide. LA based, NY bred.

Creator of WEBCAM (short film), which went viral and was licensed by the FBI. My indie film RATTER was acquired by Sony Pictures and is streaming worldwide.