Hello, I’m Nick, an English copywriter

I live in London, UK

Nick is a quick-witted, ultra creative, heavyweight Advertising copywriter. He specialises in BIG ideas, razor sharp headlines, poetic brand manifestos and flawless scripts for film, radio, social, digital and TV.

Copy that sings.
Epic or Majestic.
A lightness of touch, or a heavy slap of the thigh.
Clever twists and inner smiles.
Nick’s advertising copy will move you…
To laughter.
To tears.
To anger.
To act.
To buy. 

Nick has spent nearly 20 years working for the best of the best Creative Agencies in London, Paris, and LA. 

Writing, crafting, rewriting, and rewriting again. So, if you want ideas and copy that will make you say, “Damn. I wish I’d written that,” look no further.