Hello, I’m Elizabeth, an American copywriter

I live in New York, USA

I’m a Creative Director

I’m a senior copywriter with 20 years of experience, concepting, writing and building brands such as BMW, Target, Nespresso and Google.

I’ve worked with agencies of all sizes to solve problems for every kind of brand. The answer to the question, do you have experience at…YES is always the answer. I’ve developed 360 campaigns for BMW, including websites, TV, direct mail, apps and social campaigns. I developed a social sustainability campaign for Nespresso. I’ve created social and influencer campaigns for instax global. And most recently, helped Chase bank with social, TV and digital campaigns for new Gen Z products. I’ve won new business pitches for agencies on brands such as BMW Global, Ulta Beauty, Uniqlo and Opel automotive. There isn’t a form of media I haven’t written for. There isn’t a category I haven’t touched. It’s been quite a ride.