7 Powerful SEO Link Building Strategies for 2022

Backlinks are a crucial element of any SEO plan. That said, they are not something you can set and forget about once they are live. Backlinks might vanish, become poisoned, or just become less relevant over time. To maintain a high search ranking, you’ll need to continually look for fresh SEO link building strategies.

Google claims that links are the most important ranking criteria. In other words, it’s difficult to rate without links, and why would anyone want to rank without them in the first place?

Because I spend all of my working hours thinking about SEO and helping others improve theirs,

I’ve discovered a lot of unique backlinking tactics. Here are the seven that I as a professional marketer think are the best.

1. Resource Page Link Building

Resource Page Link Building or Resources Outreach is a powerful link-building strategy that can result in high-quality backlinks to your website. So, what exactly is resource page link building, and why is it so powerful? A resource page often contains a collection of links to useful resources on a specific topic. The reason it works so well is that, unlike many other link-building tactics, the goal of these pages is to directly link to other resources. So, by contacting these pages with excellent suggestions in order to get your blog post included in them, you’re helping to forward the goal of that page.

These resource campaigns are specially meant to generate backlinks to your blog post, which will boost your search engine rankings and, as a result, increase traffic to your website.

2. Get Creative with Infographics

I’m not going to tell you how to make the best infographic because everyone has their own artistic style. Let’s move forward to the point where you’ve created your own infographic and are ready to share it with the rest of the world. After you’ve done that, you’ll need to create an HTML code snippet for embedding the infographic on a web page – and linking the picture to your website. You may get backlinks in two ways from there:

  • Make the infographic available to bloggers in your field.
  • Submit it to websites that share infographics. You’ll very certainly have to create each of them an individual introduction text, or maybe pay them to host the infographic.

3. Churn Quality Content on High Authority Websites

Guest posting isn’t a new approach and has been around for a long time since it’s still a viable SEO strategy. Finding relevant sites in your niche and contacting them to see whether they accept article submissions is what guest blogging is all about. Typically, you would pitch a few blog subject ideas to these websites. If one of your ideas is accepted, you’ll create your guest post and provide your URL either inside the piece or in your author bio. That’s all there is to it! You’ve just established a highly effective backlink.

Keep in mind that you should aim for websites with high domain authority. You may use tools like MOZ or other free options to check a website’s domain authority. I personally prefer using ahrefs.

4. Build a Web of Citations

Another fantastic way to gather local links is to generate citations. Local citations do an excellent job of assisting users in finding local companies. But, most crucially, they may help you improve your local search engine ranks dramatically. For those who don’t know what a citation is, it’s when your company’s name, address, and phone number are all referenced at the same time.

Local business directories, websites and apps, and social media platforms may all contain citations. The simplest approach to create citations, though, is to use local business directories, which is exactly what we’ll do now. Every city has business directories, and it is quite simple to locate relevant ones and get your business included.

5. Monitor Competitor’s Strategy

Spying on your competition is a form of an all-purpose link-building approach. Use a dedicated tool to find out what backlinks your rivals have and see if you can get some from the same domains. You can use several free backlink checkers available online to find your rivals’ backlinks. Using such software allows you to acquire a list of your rivals’ top backlinks and arrange them by domain rank, do-follow status, or date found.

You may also use the tool to rate detected prospects based on their domain rank, location, and amount of do-follow backlinks, so you don’t waste time attempting to obtain a backlink from a low-quality website.

6. Use HARO for SEO Link Building

When you’re quoted in a journalist’s story, it’s a clear indication that you’re no longer a newcomer to your field. It won’t turn you into an expert overnight, but it will get you one step closer. Unless you’re already doing so. If that’s the case, you shouldn’t turn down a chance to be published. Is it really possible to say no to a link to your website in an article?

HARO or Help a Reporter Out is a website that connects journalists seeking sources with specialists who wish to share their knowledge. You may get a fresh backlink and some positive exposure for your name by joining up as a source and responding to a journalist’s request. But only if your email is well-written and addresses all the request’s questions. Finally, don’t forget to include your name, author bio, and a link to your website.

7. Implement Skyscraping Technique

The concept behind the skyscraper link building strategy is to look for material in your field that has already attracted a lot of links. Then you’ll make a bigger, better version of that piece of content and ask those who have connected to the existing version to link to yours as well.

Because it is focused on content, this link-building method is effective. You’re making something valuable that the market has already recognized. You may also reduce your risk and increase your chances of success by developing a variation of a piece of content that has previously been proved to garner links.

To put things into perspective, a skyscraper campaign needs some preliminary investigation. Before starting any outreach, you’ll need to investigate your blog post topic, discover what blog posts are doing well, and then design and produce a better version of that content.

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Final Thoughts

I’d want to stress that link building isn’t going away anytime soon. Of course, creating links takes time, but if you want to improve and maintain your rankings, link development should be a long-term commitment. Please keep in mind that if you’re conducting local link building, it’s best to look for links that originate from your area. Furthermore, prioritize high-quality links that are related to your area, and your rankings will quickly improve.

Please feel free to comment on these link-building tactics and let me know if you have any further local link-building suggestions to add to this list. To put it another way, I’ll see you in the comments!