How Videos are the Next Revolution in Content Marketing

What makes video marketing such a popular choice? Why is video so essential in content marketing?

With the changing trends and preferences of the audience, it is mandatory that businesses keep on evolving and adapting. This is also the reason why it is crucial for corporates to have a good marketing team that can not only help them catch up to new trends but also stay ahead of the game by predicting those beforehand. Marketing has assumed much more importance in the business sector because an exponentially growing number of organizations within the limited number of industries has created a cut-throat competitive market where every company wishes to stand out.

Among all the marketing strategies, content marketing has taken over much of the center stage in the past decade. Especially since the advent of the pandemic, it has become an integral part of any business plan, be it a clothing store, a breakout escape room in bangalore, or a gelato brand. The reason is that content marketing is very effective in attracting, engaging, and retaining audiences through written, visual and audio mediums. This eventually leads to the conversion of audiences into customers and new customers into regulars.

Of all forms of content marketing strategies, videos have skyrocketed in relevance, especially in the past few years. It has proved itself as one of the most effective to gain and retain customers. For example, Instagram reels have become one of the compulsory modes of promotion for a lot of businesses, be it big or small. The effectiveness of video content marketing has led to the creation of many sub-divisions under the term as well. There are several ways to do video marketing that include influencer collaborations, testimonial videos, educational how-to guides, and behind the scenes, candid clips of the product creation process.

So, what makes video marketing such a popular choice? Let’s explore the reasons why this technique is revolutionizing content marketing:  

1.    People prefer watching videos 

Let’s face it, whatever has visual appeal has more potential to sell. Think of how advertisements work and how big brands tend to hire celebrities to advertise their products. Just as discussed above, Instagram’s ‘Reels’ feature, people love and trust what they can ‘see.’ Potential customers love inspecting the details of the product they are interested in.

Video marketing provides them with the details they are looking for, which enhances the chances of your product selling rather than just what they heard or read about. Video marketing adds a personal element to your marketing technique and helps you connect with your customer more effectively.

2.    Information is easier to process when in a video format

This point can be understood as a supplement to the former point discussed above.  Here is a situation for you to imagine: what would your first thought be if we asked you to build a wooden chair? Where will you seek help? (a) Learn from a carpenter (b) YouTube it, or (c) Read an instruction manual. We can guarantee that most of you opted for option (b), even though the other options could have yielded similar results.

This is because videos offer the same amount of information and consume much less time. Difficult concepts can be understood much more easily when the information is imparted in video format. This is because the human mind is designed that way. Most of our learning during our toddler phase happens through visual mediums.

3.    Search engines are a fan of videos, too!

YouTube is now under Google, which would explain Google’s love for video content now. Videos tend to increase the time spent on your website by visitors. The longer the exposure, the more likely are search engines to recommend them to you because it signals towards the reliability of the information shared on the website. According to statistics, your content has a 53 times more likelihood to show up first on Google if you’ve got a video linked in it. This is a very effective SEO technique to drive engagement on your website and acquire customers.

4.    Where there’s a screen, there’s bound to be video

We’ve said this before; we’ll say it again, people love watching videos! Whether it’s while eating, cleaning, and especially when on the go, people don’t do without videos. This is also because smartphone users have increased significantly over the past decade. Moreover, with everything assuming a virtual reality, people’s screentime has increased by tenfold.

Reports from YouTube suggest that video consumption through mobile phones increases by 100% each year. As smartphones become more affordable and everything goes online, they have become more of a necessity, hence, resulting in your potential audience becoming bigger and bigger.

Final Thoughts

Even though the onset of the pandemic hastened the prevalence of video marketing strategies in business, it was fairly popular before the pandemic as well. Video marketing has existed ever since televisions were brought into inception. Advertisements, infomercials, and product placement have been significant modes of product marketing, and businesses continue to invest significant funds into these strategies.

But the new-age video marketing combines the benefits of digital marketing and videos to bring in results like never before. Businesses that adopted video content marketing strategies have seen their conversions increase by 80% on average. That’s a staggering figure, especially for smaller organizations with restricted funds. Moreover, video marketing can help you attract the laziest of buyers and increase your social shares. Also, a fun fact: YouTube is the second-most popular social media in the world. That’s something to think about before passing out the idea of video content marketing next time.

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