5 Ways marketing teams can use high-quality writing

In this day and age, people of all shapes, sizes, nationalities, and ages go online for their daily information fix. In a world where digital marketing reigns supreme, there is only one way for entrepreneurs and marketers to hook audiences and that is through compelling images, coupled with high-quality writing. Read on to find out how various types of writing are crucial for a business.

What is Writing in Marketing?

Marketing has many facets. Digital marketing comprises SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay-Per-Click), Email marketing, content marketing and more. On the other hand, outdoor advertising entails billboards, flyers, posters, brochures, and all print media advertising.

All of these various advertising approaches have one common denominator and that is good copywriting. However, depending on the goal of your advertising tactic, marketers don’t have to always use copywriting. It can also pertain to content writing.


Let’s first delve into how content writing differs from copywriting

First and foremost, content writing aims to give a particular audience valuable information about a certain topic. Businesses use content writing to spread brand awareness and educate their audience about anything related to their products or services. While content writing’s goal can involve the lead generation or conversion, it can also be used for social media base expansion, email list augmentation, or website traffic increase.

On the contrary, copywriting has one goal – to convert consumers by taking a specific course of action.

Ultimately, both types of writing must be of high quality so as to persuade consumers. High-quality writing is pivotal to reach a business goal. This leads us to the next question: Why does every marketing team need high-quality writing?


High-Quality Writing that Help Marketing Teams

Marketing teams can take advantage of high-quality writing to convince their audiences. Here are 00 ways they can use any type of writing to boost their bottom line:

  1. Blogs

If you visit your favourite brands’ websites, I bet my bottom dollar you’ll see a “Blog” section. That’s because blog writing has become an affordable and effective online marketing strategy. Take note, however, that creating blogs with at least 1,000 words isn’t easy. Marketers will need writing services like to help them. For blogs that convert, make sure that they offer value, and ensure that they’re relevant so they connect with your target market.

  1. Landing Pages, Ads, Etc.

Landing pages are vital for conversions. They are stand-alone web pages that consumers land on whenever they click on links or ads. Because these landing pages all lead consumers down to the bottom of the sales funnel, they must have a stellar copy to persuade them to take action.

Aside from landing pages, writing is also crucial in social media ads and whatnot.

  1. Websites

Websites are the business’s umbilical cord towards its leads. That being said, it’s crucial that entrepreneurs and marketers know how to strategically write calls to action so they move onto the next step after landing on the website. Aside from a call to action, the copy on the websites must be compelling so as not to drive the consumers away and keep them on the website long enough.

  1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a more personalized type of digital marketing that’s efficient and affordable. That said, high-quality writing must be on all newsletters so they appeal to consumers. For instance, writing a captivating email title alone is crucial so your emails don’t end up in the Trash folder. Additionally, the body must encourage leads to read from start to finish.

  1. Print Collaterals

Out-of-home advertising is still very much thriving in this day and age. In fact, 71 per cent of Americans check out roadside billboards while driving. If American drivers spend more or less an hour driving daily, there is a good chance that billboards can capture their attention. This is why marketers need to pair killer graphics with thought-provoking copywriting.


These are just a few of the ways high-quality writing and copywriting can help marketing teams. The most important thing is to always prioritize quality because that gives the impression that your brand means business. 


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