As a freelance writer, it’s difficult to stay healthy. This kind of lifestyle definitely has its perks such as creative freedom and personal flexibility, however, there can be serious consequences for freelance writers that aren’t generally discussed. You may find yourself staring at a screen for hours, missing meals, withdrawing from family and friends, and actively avoiding social engagements. Doing all of these things on a regular basis may result in various unhealthy habits. These habits, in turn, may have an impact on your vision, posture, sleep, social life, and eating habits. If you’re a freelance writer looking for ways to stay healthy, here is some helpful lifestyle advice for preserving and improving your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Protect Your Vision

Digital screens, such as laptops, smartphones, and televisions, emit blue light, which can be hazardous to your eyes if exposed to it at high levels for a prolonged period of time. Unfortunately, as a freelance writer, you will spend most of your time staring at a computer screen. This puts you in danger of phone or computer eye strain, poor vision, and headaches.

One approach to protect your eyes is using blue light glasses when exposed to the screen while working. These glasses are designed to reduce the blue light waves emitted by your work equipment and protect you from the harm that comes with them.

Alternatively, to alleviate the adverse effects of prolonged use, put your laptop or phone screen to “eye care” settings or night mode.

Maintain Good Posture

A good posture is when the body is aligned symmetrically. However, most freelance writers find it difficult to maintain proper posture. Long working hours, bad sitting posture, and lack of mobility can cause stiffness in your neck, shoulders, arms, waist, and back. It starts with a pop when you extend certain body parts, then progresses to discomfort and, in most cases, numbness.

To improve your posture:

  • Invest in an ergonomic office chair to help reduce slouching and maintain your spinal alignment and lumbar area.
  • Purchase a sturdy desk.
  • Adjust the chair so that it is levelled with the desk and comfortable for you.

Additionally, engage in muscle-strengthening workouts such as weight lifting, cycling, dancing, push-ups, and stair climbing, and most essentially, you should strive to improve your mobility. In addition, exercising improves writing blocks among other benefits.

Stay Hydrated

While coffee may be the fuel that keeps freelance writers going and energized, water is far more crucial for your body. Inadequate hydration can cause fatigue, headaches, and an inability to concentrate, which will impact your productivity and writing process. Therefore, staying hydrated is a must for you as a freelancer.

In these cases, dehydration isn’t the only problem. A lot of us face the problem of dealing with impure water full of contaminants that impacts our health. Fortunately, this is where a reverse osmosis water filter comes to save the day. This water filter removes undesirable molecules and harmful particles from drinking water, such as pollutants and sediments such as salt, chlorine, and dirt allowing you to consume clear water and improve your health.

Prioritize Your Sleep

Sleep is a naturally occurring process in which the body and mind rest. It is also an excellent way to recharge and refresh in order to boost productivity. Since fatigue, brain drain, and exhaustion, are regular side effects of freelancing, it is critical to establish a consistent evening routine in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control, an adult needs between seven and nine hours of quality sleep per night. However, quality sleep extends beyond duration; you must feel rested when you wake up.

To that purpose, brush your teeth, bathe, and get some exercise every day before shutting your curtains. Additionally, caffeine and stimulants can make it difficult to go to sleep at a decent hour, so make sure to avoid them before your nighttime routine.

Consume Healthy Snacks

Everyone enjoys nibbling while they’re working, especially freelance writers who operate from the comfort of their homes. Therefore, keeping healthier snacks in your home office can not only satisfy your hunger but will also keep you fully energized throughout the day.

Healthy snacks such as granola bars, cheese, fruit, and vegetables are easy-to-store snacks to keep on hand that help you avoid fatty foods and sugary sweets that will impact your overall health in the long run.

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Final Thoughts

Ultimately, freelance writers take control of their own work. But, it’s equally critical to take control of their self-care and stay healthy. Self-care is emotional, physical, and mental, so take the necessary steps to develop healthy habits and create a happy workplace for yourself.