How Exercise Can Cure Your Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is one thing every writer experiences at some point in time. You just stare into space and your computer screen is blank because the ideas are not forming in your brain. This can be frustrating, and paralyzing even, especially if you have a deadline to meet. A few hours of physical activity is just the right solution for you. This article explains how exercise can help cure your writer’s block:


1. It enhances your productivity.


Exercising has a way of calming your nerves and helping you stay productive. You, however, do not need to run kilometres before you can see an increase in your productivity rate. Hitting the gym and spending 30-40 minutes five times a week and using different gym equipment is enough to do the trick.

You should however be careful to exercise moderately. Too much exercising can get you extremely sweaty and overheated which may lead to sickness. The type of gym equipment you use should also be taken into consideration. Use free weight-type equipment like dumbbells while exercising as they help you build upper-body strength that is necessary for creative thinking. You can decide to use the single-piece type or the more recent hexagonal dumbbells.


2. It helps you discover new things easily.


Being in the same environment all day long can cause a writer to have a creativity block. Following the same routine, every day has a way of burning out all your energy and getting you bored. Because everything is familiar, you might not be able to stretch your thinking.

However, taking a brisk walk for 20-30 minutes or hitting the gym for some form of exercise can help you see things in perspective. A change of environment is more likely to give you new, insightful ideas because you are no longer in your usual setting. Exercising will provide a meaningful distraction that can bring you back on track when you experience writer’s block.


3. It reduces the effect of stress.


Exercise is a natural stress reducer. Stress, exhaustion, and anxiety can slow you down and make you tired and unproductive. Exercising helps you get rid of negative emotions that are preventing you from completing whatever task you have at hand. It also uplifts your mood and helps you stay positive. Taking a walk when you are stressed can help you stay alive and refreshed. It helps to relax your tense muscles and leaves you feeling relieved.


4. Boosts Confidence.


One of the major causes of writer’s block is when you feel less confident about your writing prowess. You may feel your writing is not good enough. Exercising, in a way, helps to improve your self-confidence. For instance, you might want to lose some kilograms by engaging in consistent exercise.

Seeing that you are able to achieve your body goals builds confidence in your other abilities. This positive energy is brought into your writing and you can easily escape from your creativity block.


5. It keeps your brain active.


Physical activity helps your mind and brain stay active. When you take a run or jog, for example, blood pumps easily into your brain, your senses immediately become heightened and your mind opens up. You are able to focus better because you are mentally alert. Exercising helps to establish a flow of ideas in your brain and keeps your memory sharp.


6. It makes you happier.


Exercises help to improve your mood such that you feel happier when writing. It has been discovered that when you are doing something happily, you tend to do your best and get desired results. It keeps you in the right frame of mind to put down ideas.

Exercising also helps you to release serotonin and endorphins, two feel-good chemicals that stimulate mood and contribute to physical and mental wellness. A study also indicates that when you are in a good mood, you are likely to work better and your productivity level increases by almost 10%.

Exercising does not only help to cure writer’s block. It is also important for general well-being. You can only write properly when you do not have a blinding headache right? Exercising consistently and moderately will prevent you from illnesses such as high blood pressure, obesity, and heart failure. It also helps to boost your mental output and prolongs your mental stamina. If you are experiencing writer’s block today, you should consider engaging in physical activities to bring you out of it.