Write Your Sales Content with a Go-Giver Attitude!

Not a month goes by where someone doesn’t ask me, “Casey, what’s been the biggest ch

ange in sales writing over the last five years?” My answer is always simple:

“Copywriting has shifted from being a one-way monologue from companies to prospects, to being a two-way dialogue between companies and prospects.”

This shift in copywriting style is the result of the enormous power of social media, which forces entrepreneurs and companies to have more interactive relationships with clients and prospects.

So, how do you write your marketing materials in a style that’s more interactive?


Write from a mindset of being a go-giver!

Writing from a go-giver mindset simply entails that you consider these four questions as you plan and write your sales content: How can I…

  1. Write in a voice that is authentic, straightforward and honest?
  2. Make my copy more about my prospects, and less about me?
  3. Craft my content so it HELPS my prospects and provides them with over-the-top value?
  4. Give my prospects two or three ways to connect with me directly?

Yes, you really can put the interests of your prospects first—and still sell to them. That’s because writing with a go-giver mentality enables you to:

  • Build credibility with your prospects
  • Develop relationships with them
  • Gain their trust 
  • Get them to like you

When prospects know you, like you and trust you, that’s when they’ll buy from you. And usually not before.

The go-giver approach to sales writing gives you the power to overcome the stone cold fact that people are tired of being “sold” to through traditional “in-your-face sales” pitches.

When you write about your prospects first, offer them solutions to their most pressing challenges, and provide them with big-time value—you are in a much stronger position to engage them, build relationships, and convert them into fans who want to buy from you.

Writing with a go-giver mindset represents a major shift in sales writing, and it’s a shift I really encourage you to embrace and master.

It’s the ideal way to sell your product or service—without making a sales pitch!


About the author: Casey Demchak


Casey Demchak is an award-winning copywriter and consultant who is a proven expert at writing sales copy that sells, persuades and generates leads. Casey’s sincere, heartfelt passion is inspiring his clients and helping them skyrocket their success. He is dedicated to achieving this through his copywriting, e-books, coaching, and his highly authentic inspirational writing. You can learn more about Casey by visiting CaseyDemchak.com.

This article was first published by Casey Demchak