How to Write Super Sharp Bullet Points!

If you want your prospects to buy, your sales copy should be written in a tight, concise style that’s inviting to the eye. Marketing content that has a lot of open space around it makes your copy look fast and easy read—which motivates prospects to dive in and actually read it.

Bullet points are a simple way to make your copy “at-a-glance” friendly, and they’re a great way to communicate your product/service benefits in a style that is sharp and to the point.

A simple formula to follow is to begin your bullets with dynamic action words, and keep them brief and punchy.


Through our social media programs, Jimstone Marketing can:

  •  Develop winning marketing messages for your business
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Journeying far beyond the scope of a typical self-help book, The Great Escape fills you with hope and guides you to a place where you have the confidence to:

  •  Discard your lifelong inability to forgive
  • Discover deeper happiness and fulfilling inner peace
  • Cherish ultimate freedom in every moment you’re alive

As you can see, all of these bullet points are brief and begin with punchy action words, and none of the action words are repeated—which is a common mistake I see in a lot of copy I review.

When people skim your copy their eyes often hit your headlines and jump down to the bullet points.

So always give your bullets a lot of time and attention because they may be your best chance to get prospects to read the marketing copy that surrounds them.

Remember, if you want to write great sales copy that makes an impact—you’ve got to know how to write better bullet points.

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About the author: Casey Demchak


Casey Demchak is an award-winning copywriter and consultant who is a proven expert at writing sales copy that sells, persuades and generates leads. Casey’s sincere, heartfelt passion is inspiring his clients and helping them skyrocket their success. He is dedicated to achieving this through his copywriting, e-books, coaching, and his highly authentic inspirational writing. You can learn more about Casey by visiting CaseyDemchak.com.

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