How to Write Special Offers They Can’t Refuse

My favorite move is, The Godfather. Has been for many decades now. So naturally I love the famous line from that film, “I’m gonna make ‘em an offer he can’t refuse.”

It’s always a good idea to keep this line in mind when you’re writing special offer direct-response sales copy for your product in a sales letter, e-blast or website landing page.

To really drive home a special offer, you have to sweeten the deal with extras that will make it too good to turn down. Do this by including these five elements in your offer.

  1.  Include a limited-time special offer call to action
  2. Sell the savings
  3. Add a free or nearly-free bonus
  4. Create a value demonstration
  5. Reverse the risk by offering guarantees

 Here is an example of special offer marketing copy I recently wrote at the end of a direct-response landing page for an online human resource services company called, HR Union (I’ve changed the actual name).

The copy is highly persuasive because I utilize all five special offer elements.

Use these elements when writing your special offer direct response copy, and you’ll probably see a nice uptick in your conversion rates.


Get Started for Just $1!

Start your membership today with HR Union, and you can tap into our complete range of expert consulting services for 7 days…for just $1! (Nearly-free bonus)

After a week, your monthly fee increases to our regular price of $497 per month…or does it?

Join by August 31, 2015, and SAVE $350 Per Month!

It’s summer and we’re in the mood for red-hot savings. Join HR Union by August 31, 2015, and you’ll lock in your membership for ONLY $147 per month.(Limited-time offer)

…That’s an incredible SAVINGS of $350 each and every month!! (Sell the savings)

Consider the Price of Today’s Consultants

Outside HR consultants routinely charge a minimum of $350 PER HOUR. That comes out to $2,800 per day…for the same services we offer!

Compare this to your $147 per-month membership with HR Union, and suddenly your savings look enormous. Almost too enormous to calculate! (Value demonstration)

Plus, There is Absolutely No Risk

We want to completely eliminate any risk when you join HR Union.

So if at any point during the first 30 days of your membership you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll refund your $147. (Reverse the risk; money-back guarantee)

No questions asked. So there’s no risk and nothing to lose. (Re-emphasize risk reversal)

Join HR Union Today – and Turn Your Challenges into Achievements!

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About the author: Casey Demchak


Casey Demchak is an award-winning copywriter and consultant who is a proven expert at writing sales copy that sells, persuades and generates leads. Casey’s sincere, heartfelt passion is inspiring his clients and helping them skyrocket their success. He is dedicated to achieving this through his copywriting, e-books, coaching, and his highly authentic inspirational writing. You can learn more about Casey by visiting CaseyDemchak.com.

This article was first published by Casey Demchak