Why Use a Copywriter

Summary: Today’s most successful marketers discovered how to get traction in their business growth by hiring out their copywriting.

For some business owners, creating marketing messages is easy and profitable.

If that’s you, chances are, you have your own in-house professional copywriters. Or, you hire out your writing to top-notch freelancers.

Because you’ve already experienced the value of using a professional copywriter, you know it’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to generate new, high quality leads, and to convert those leads into customers who buy more…buy more often…and buy at higher prices.

But you don’t want just any copywriter. You want a writer who knows how to accurately identify your target audience (match the right market)…discover what’s important to them (with the right message)…and determine how to approach them (and use the right method).

Then, as long as you have a marketing plan in place ahead of time…know exactly how you’ll execute it day in and day out…and track your results, you’re guaranteed an audience that’ll always be eager and responsive. And, ensures your marketing “makes” you money.

Turn your marketing “cost” into a business “investment”

However, if you still look at money spent on marketing your business as a “cost”, yet want to know how you can drive your business into the black quicker and easier than you ever thought possible, then your first step is to hire out your writing.

Why use a copywriter?

As indicated here by internet marketing expert, author, and copywriting coach Nick Usborne, copywriting makes or breaks an online business. Something the direct mail industry has known for nearly a century.

And now, successful online marketers have finally figured out what the direct response industry and sales professionals have known for years…effective selling is more about psychology than it is about your products or services.

Said another way, people don’t really want or need more stuff…they just want and need to solve problems.

To be sure, what you say makes a difference. In other words, your product or service must show them how to mend a relationship…restore health…replenish a bank account…build a business…or other. But more importantly, how you communicate this message will determine whether they consider your solutions…or that of your competitors.

That’s where a well-trained or seasoned professional copywriter comes in.

Because if you still struggle getting the attention of your audience, or rousing their enthusiasm about your products or services, a well-trained and seasoned copywriter can give you some new-found traction by determining the “how” of your marketing message.

If you’re still wondering what a copywriter actually does, check out this informative article by Jody Medland. It’ll help you understand why hiring a professional copywriter—one schooled in the art of persuasion techniques—can help you create more effective, better targeted marketing messages that motivate your prospects or customers to take action.

When they do, it’ll mean more money in your pocket. Then, you’ll no longer see your marketing as a “cost”, but rather, as an “investment”.

7 reasons to hire a copywriter to create your next marketing communication

With that, I’ve put together the following list of 7 compelling reasons for using a professional copywriter to create your next marketing communication.

1. Offers fresh perspective. No one argues the benefit of having a steady supply of new ideas when trying to jumpstart or grow a business. But what if you struggle coming up with a fresh marketing approach for your next product or service?

Professional copywriters are creative people. They typically have extensive training and experience in understanding the selling process, both online and off.

If you can find one with some sales, marketing, or business experience—or even someone familiar with your industry—chances are good they’ll contribute significantly to your business growth by offering up a fresh perspective on how you can effectively communicate a sales message to your audience.

2. Dedicated to get results. Good writing is hard work. So even if you have a writer or two on staff, chances are creating your weekly sales copy, or even content, is not their favorite thing to do.

And so, they’ll usually just slip it in when they have nothing better to do…put it off till the last minute…wing it when they finally get to it…or hurry to get it done just to check it off their list.


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Jerry Bures

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