How to increase your website conversion rates by 200%

200% website conversion rate increase. What web master doesn’t want a 200% increase in conversion rates? Good news. It’s possible. Your company website, no matter the industry, can increase its conversions by 200%  with a little change here and there for the web copy on the website. Well, not just any web copy change. You need a better copy change and one that’s very results oriented. How do you get better copy for your website? By hiring a well verse copywriter and editor for your website.

Well written copy is powerful than ever on the web as content marketing becomes a top priority on some of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world as well as invaluable search engines. With state-of-the-art technology, your website will constantly need quality content in order to get top search engine results for the keywords you want associated with your brand.

So you not only need a good copywriter, but you will also need someone who likes to meet and enjoy the company of other people, fascinating people with interesting stories. You need to hire someone who wants to get to know your brand so well he/she can get into the nitty and gritty of your brand story and make it shine like gold to the public. The better copy is an attention grabber, content people don’t feel they need to think twice about sharing with people. Better copy is content which educates people. I have yet to see educational content turned down because people love to learn in order to make their life a little easier or more enjoyable. Your website needs to improve quality of life of viewers some way, somehow to increase your website conversion rates.

If you think having a good conversion rate is no big deal, think again. Good conversion rates correlate with a high sales volume. In fact, it’s the foundation of a high sales volume. Instead of throwing a bunch of money at advertising and marketing efforts, you can make a few tweaks here and there on your web content to get the real results traditional advertising and marketing cannot promise. To pull this off, I recommend doing a little A/B testing, also known as split testing. The purpose of A/B testing is to identify what’s working and not working when it comes to transforming web visitors into regular customers.

One of my favorite A/B testing trials to do is using different headlines and call to actions to see what attracts users to any given webpage,counting how many people went to one set versus the other. Anytime a headline is failing to generate leads, you’re wasting more than 80% of your web marketing budget. With a good copywriter, you can make your layout and navigation work in the favor of your business. Remember, good communication is key on the web. From there you need a good value proposition to present to web users. To put it short, you need to give them a good reason why they should buy from you and buy again.

If you cannot think of a good reason for people to buy from you, your business will fail. More importantly, you should know why people should buy from you in 10 words or less. With that said, a landing or welcome page should never just say welcome. You need well written text on the landing page which explains what makes your company special and more valuable than your competitors. If you cannot sell customers at the welcome page, there’s no point in having a website because you are losing sales instantly by not giving them the answers they need to make good decisions. But remember, the homepage cannot ask for a hard sale. You need to seduce your web visitors. To do that, your copywriter must be a sweet talker and one with knowledge and facts behind every sweet remark. Awareness. Interest. Sales. Repeat. This is how you will start to funnel in web visitors and transform them into loyal customers. No jargon. Let them feel you understand their problems and how to solve them. Give proof.  Don’t use fancy business language. Give them a reason to trust and count on you and what you offer.


About the author: Briana Booker


Briana Booker is a digital marketing manager with expertise in copywriting, social media marketing, digital advertising and content management. Booker’s technical skills include search engine optimization, social media data mining and internet architecture. From press releases to digital fundraising, Booker has over 7 years of experience executing comprehensive online strategies and corporate communications, working with some of the USA’s most recognized brands, including Hennessy, HTC, and Panera Bread as a news correspondent and content promoter.

She is also the founder of the lifestyle magazine Follow her on Twitter @fromgirltogirl or connect with her on Linkedin to expand your net worth.

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