How Do You Define Success? has three definitions for success. I picked the first one that closely aligns with my personal definition:

“The favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; the accomplishment of one’s goals.”

You may define success in terms of titles, money earned, or a whole host of other factors. In my view, I became successful because I took risks amidst deep self-doubt. Daily, I’d asked myself:

  1. What am I going to do if I fail at copywriting?
  2. What happens if my competition is better than me (I eventually realized that there’s always someone ahead of me as well as behind me.)?
  3. What happens if there are too many copywriters out there? Is there still room for me to have a thriving copywriting business?

I secretly wanted to be a copywriter (even though I never heard of that term in college) since I was in college. In my college days, I didn’t believe that I could make money as a writer, so I opted to be a teacher. And I had nominal success as a substitute high school teacher and as a teacher assistant in an emotional support classroom. However, I burned out. Trying to teach emotionally challenged high school boys drained me by the time my oldest was born. I knew I couldn’t do it anymore.

I always wanted to be a writer, but I didn’t think I was good enough to be successful at it. I wasn’t one of those people who started reading at three and writing at four like a lot of other writers claim. Worse still, in my opinion: I didn’t fall in love with writing until I was in college.

It took me over 10 years to make that leap into writing content for small- and medium-sized companies. Yet, I took that leap with a determination to make it work, or heaven forbid if I failed, I’d need to choose another career path.

Now, I’m doing what I love. I’m growing too—not only with clients but as a businesswoman. I want to expand my writing services to help other contractor businesses thrive, as well as create a long-term business strategy for my own company’s longevity.

How do you define success? Have you achieved your goals?


About the author: Wendy Komancheck

Wendy 6.9.14

For the past three years, Wendy Komancheck has been providing website content, blogs, and online copy to lawn care, landscape, and other home improvement companies. She’s a copywriter, specializing in the lawn care, landscape, and outdoor living industries through her company, The Landscape Writer.

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