Setting up your business sales page can be challenging and almost impossible, especially if you are not very good with words. This is why hiring a skilled copywriter to sell your products and services with well-crafted words is essential to the growth of your business. Copywriters are versatile and capable of writing copies competently in various niches. This versatility is one of the reasons why they are indispensable for businesses, irrespective of niche. As you continue in this article, you will learn how and why versatility is one of the greatest skills of a copywriter.

1. They can craft copy for any niche

As a copywriter, you should be able to write beautiful copies for various niches. This is where your versatility and flexibility come in. If your specialization is in the financial niche, taking up a health niche writing gig should not be a problem, especially if it would pay you more. All you have to do is spend more time understanding specific medical terminology and how you can infuse them in your copy to make it easily understandable for the target audience. Your copy should suit the context of the brief given to you by your client. You can deliver content for various niche fields and industries if you possess versatility skills, ultimately putting more money in your pockets.

2. They simplify complicated product explanations

Copywriters are your best bet for simplifying complex products or services. Some brands will take the time to develop products and services that will benefit the general public. However, explaining to the public why they need this product and how it will be helpful for them becomes problematic. Aeroplanes are being used in almost every country of the world today. However, it took more than four years after the first flight before people began to trust the innovation – if only the Wright brothers had a copywriter.

Copywriters who, like the general public, have no prior understanding of such products can do deep research and simplify it for an audience with little or no knowledge of the product. For instance, a copywriter who wants to write copy for a company that offers mmwave radar sensing services has to use simpler expressions to explain that such sensors detect motion in smart homes, offices, and buildings. Such a copywriter can connect with the target audience psychologically by mentioning the significant benefits of mm-wave radar sensing, including individual privacy protection. Because people love their privacy a lot and this benefit will catch their attention quickly. They will feel inclined to keep reading and take action at the end – hence, more sales.

3. It enables them to perform multiple tasks simultaneously

A highly skilled copywriter who is versatile will be able to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. Such a writer will not produce a duplicate copy over and over again. They will be able to transgress from writing an entertaining ad copy to a long-form blog within the same day. They can easily switch from writing in a serious, sombre tone to a playful, witty tone within the exact copy without confusing the target audience. This ability, however, requires a high level of skill that comes only from extensive experience.

4. It enhances their persuasion game

Copywriters have super persuasion abilities. They can easily switch to the target audience’s language to persuade and convince them to patronize their clients. They will convince you to buy a product or try a service in a way that you won’t realize until you’ve made a payment. After reading a copy crafted by a good copywriter, you will be begging to buy whatever they sell instead of vice versa because they have infused the elements of urgency and scarcity in their copy.

5. They possess the ability to create something new from their old form

Copywriting skills require having to flow with trends when writing copy to convert the target audience on a larger scale. With their creative skills, a good copywriter can create something new from their old form. They can, for instance, revamp a company’s website with the current information and make it better without tampering with the message they want to convey to the target audience. They do more research, ask critical questions, and use better-suited words to craft a new, fine copy.

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Copywriting is both a skill and an art. Being versatile means, you have to use different patterns to write different copies and have different streams of knowledge. A copywriter is a marketer, salesman, social media manager, SEO expert, and editor all rolled into one. These skills make them versatile because they have to spice up their copy with variety to deliver appropriately to their high-paying clients.