What Are the Benefits of Choosing a Niche as a Freelance Writer?

There are generalist freelance writers and there are niche freelance writers. The former writes on a broad range of topics, flexing their quick learning skills as a way to attract clients in multiple industries. The latter focuses their work in an area of expertise where the majority of their content originates. 

Both can make a living as freelance writers, but the age-old question remains, which one is better? 

Although many freelance writers are under the impression that choosing a niche can limit the number of jobs they get, this just isn’t true. In fact, the very opposite is the reality for most freelance writers. They end up getting more quality clients consistently because of their impeccable reputation and skill in their niche. 

Here are six additional benefits of choosing a niche as a freelance writer to mull over before making your final decision. 

You’re More Valuable to Your Clients 

One of the main benefits of choosing a niche as a freelance writer is that you’re more valuable to your clients. Unfortunately, not many clients are looking for a generalist freelance writer, meaning a writer who has the skill enough to write on any topic for various clients. 

Most of the people and companies you want to work with will only invest in a freelance writer with specific knowledge in their industry, specialized techniques in particular types of writing, or both. Your expertise and your efficiency as a writer translate into significant value for clients. The value they’re willing to pay for.  

For instance, eCommerce business owners are likely looking for a freelance writer with experience in the industry and specialized skills in writing product descriptions or blog posts. 

A freelance writer with extensive knowledge and deep skills is a lot more attractive because it eliminates the potential learning curve and communicates to clients that you know what you’re talking about and what to do to get the results they’re searching for. 

Additionally, when you’re valuable to clients, you can keep a consistent flow of work coming. 

Enjoy a Consistent Flow of Work 

When you choose a niche and establish value with your clients, you can enjoy a consistent workflow. In other words, a niche can keep high-paying clients coming in.

As stated above, writing in a niche can help you gain expertise and authority in a particular area. In addition, setting yourself up as an industry leader can strengthen the emotional bonds you have with your clients. Establishing a personal connection with your clients can assist you in creating and growing a loyal client base. This means a constant flow of work. 

Ultimately, choosing a niche and growing into an industry leader can get you more consistent work as a freelance writer because you’re able to form healthy relationships with your clients that are mutually beneficial.

Additionally, when you choose a niche in freelance writing and your work and your clients are consistent, it makes the behind-the-scenes work of running a freelance business a tad easier. 

For instance, working with specific types of clients and knowing what to expect as far as your income sources make it easier to report and manage your income. Even if you encourage your clients to send you a 1099 form, many of them won’t. So, you must keep an organized record of your clients and the income you’re receiving from them. When the type of freelance writing you do, the clients you work with, and the amounts you’re paid for projects are consistent. It makes recordkeeping much easier.   

Choosing a niche as a freelance writer also helps you build trust with your clientele. 

Build Trust With Your Clients

When you’re an expert in something and can back up that expertise, people tend to trust you more. Choosing a niche as a freelance writer can help you build trust between you and your clients

Niching down your freelance work can help you build a positive, powerful reputation in your industry.

For instance, let’s say your chosen niche is technical writing for software startups. Then, establishing a professional website, social media presence, blog, and products/services, all about technical writing for software startups. This will show potential clients that you know what you’re talking about when it comes to these things.  

Another benefit of choosing a niche as a freelance writer is that it’s much easier to market and brand yourself.

Optimize Branding and Marketing Opportunities 

It can be challenging trying to market and brand yourself as a freelance writer without a niche. 

Again, the clients you work with aren’t likely looking for a generalist freelance writer. Instead, they’re looking for a niche freelance writer directly tied to their industry, the type of writing they need, and the results they’re looking to get from this content. 

When you have a specific niche, you can create a presence that boosts your freelance writing brand image. This can open up your marketing opportunities, and attracts your ideal clients. You can spend your marketing budget responsibly with targeted outreach techniques that attract your ideal clients. You can use specific messaging or branding tools to create a unique website and social media pages that are more relevant to your clients. 

Lastly, niching down as a freelance writer can help you enjoy the freelance writing journey more. 

Enjoy the Journey More 

Ultimately, freelance writing is a journey, just like any other career path. As much as we want to skip to the part where we’re living the freelance writer’s dream, we can’t ignore the work. Choosing a suitable niche allows you to enjoy the journey just as much as the results of your hard work. 

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This is just the beginning of a long list of benefits of choosing a niche as a freelance writer. Even if you still want to start as a generalist freelance writer, it’s best to look forward to niching down in the future, so you’re able to build a lasting business writing about what interests you, for the clients that you love to work with.