Round-table discussion or charity work

Dear freelancers, we have narrowed our anniversary celebration ideas down to two… we could do one or both depending on you. What are your thoughts? Would you participate in either?
OPTION A: Round-table discussion 
Fraser suggested a round-table event at De Kring in Amsterdam to discuss. ‘What do agencies look for from freelancers and freelance agencies, and what are the industry trends in using freelancers?’ The initial idea was for it to be one of those discussions that appears in print, in Adformatie and other magazines, but this might be difficult as the magazine is a lot smaller now. We could even expand it to a day with more than one round-table, a freelancing seminar day. If we had enough interest and participants. Are you interested in being on the panels or attending? What would you like to discuss or learn more about?
OPTION B: Charity work 
We wrote this article about free freelancing for charities. A 10 year anniversary special idea would be 10 freelancers volunteering 10 hours (or more) free for charity. Could you volunteer your time? We would promote you online and in press releases with your skills and portfolio, so you get publicity as well as good karma.