Edward freelance copywriter

Edward is an all around freelance creative, concept and copy, speed strategist. He has worked for very big clients. And very small too. National and international. Edward decided to become a freelance creative in 2001 after working at Bozell, Euro RSCG, Hoofbureau and Leo Burnett. ‘With a lot of brain luggage collected at several agencies I felt it was time to start freelancing. I love to solve puzzles at the speed of light. My specialty  is to come up with Big Ideas in very short time. Online and offline, to me there is no line when we’re talking ideas. Especially when agencies are under pressure, I feel excited and will guarantee the agency can present within days.’

How he started as a freelance copywriter

The first years freelancing Edward joined TBWA\ Amsterdam and worked throughout out all the companies: TEQUILA\, TBWA\NEBOKO and TBWA\Brand Experience Company. Mainly for clients like Albert Heijn (premium supermarket), Heineken, Nissan (automotive) and daily business on clients. Next to other agencies.

In the same period Edward worked frequently for DDB/EF and a longer period for Tribal DDB. At Tribal Edward worked as a freelance copywriter in a team with Jean Pierre Kin and Chris Baylis. The main project was introduding Philips Streamium. Till today Edward works frequently at DDB/EF, especially for KLM. ‘Travelling is in my vains, discover different cultures, try strange foods, I love street art and collect these pictures which I use for my own art works. My next trip is with KLM off course. To Madrid.’ A new campaign is launched end of August 2013.

Uh, did the copywriter mention art works? Next to being a freelance creative, Edward creates huge digital collages. ‘Doing work without boundaries, reviews or deadlines is also much fun to do. Thusfar I made almost 15 huge collages in Photoshop. Probably I’m the only copywriter in The Netherlands able to make his own roughs and initial lay-outs on a computer.’ Edward can work solo or in a team. He’s connected to the best freelance art directors in the field. English good, Dutch native. But the language of ideas is universal. Willing to work anywhere. Get to know more about Edward on his freelance copywriter website.