Hello, I’m Edward, a Dutch copywriter

I like to work for local and international clients.

Clients with great ambitions and clients that want to stay ahead in their market. I make a difference between ‘just ideas’ and ‘great concepts’. I come up with more than just one idea, provide the right copy and images and make great concepts fly. Chat GPT is my creative sparring in the process. But Chat GPT is not human, it only provides you information. Tone of voice and relevance it what a copywriter can and must decide. Or are you gonna blow away your budget on false information?

With over 20 years of experience in advertising, I think I know what works in the market.

Radical concepts. Intelligent copy. Quick thinker. Analytical. Online concepts, copy, interview blogs, video scripts. Always start with a good concept based on strategic values. Like I do frequently for Microsoft’s blog Pulse, with 10.000 readers per day.