Hello, I’m Miriam, an English copywriter

I live in Haarlem, Netherlands.

If your assignment needs an intelligent balance of creativity, solution-based thinking and experience,
then look no further!
For the past 25 years, I’ve worked closely with numerous B2B and B2C clients from all kinds of industries, in many different countries, to achieve their promotional, marketing, advertising and communication goals.
My specialism doesn’t lie in any singular industry – although there are several in which I’m greatly experienced – but in my ability to get to grips with the unfamiliar, simplify the complex, offer valuable outsider perspective and truly think along with clients to come up with original solutions. Originality which is, so far, still beyond the realms of what AI / ChatGPT can offer.
My former lives in sales, PR and marketing fuel end-to-end strategic thinking that ensures everything I do, from producing long and short copy to devising and developing concepts and content strategies, properly contributes to the bigger picture.