Hello, I’m Aimée, an American copywriter

I live in New York, USA

Retail copywriter and strategist with 26 years of retail experience, who can deliver high-quality content that drives sales and enhances your brand image.

I have been a leading voice and trusted expert in retail marketing for half a decade. I combine customer behavioral psychology, storytelling and brand strategy to create world-class marketing assets that bring your brand’s story to life and lead people to take action.

Experienced overseeing product copy for brands. I am proficient in SEO, and American and British English. I am also a Creative Director (Miami Ad School) and classically trained scriptwriter. Audiences are looking for authentic communication and coming from a diverse background I can speak directly to this. You can find my work at the Tate Modern Museum, Courier magazine, Retail TouchPoints, Top Drawer, in addition to paid workshops and various podcasts.