Hello, I’m Jan-Florian, a German copywriter

I live in Hamburg, Germany

Idea Popcorn Machine & Magical Transformer of Coffee into Campaigns & Texts. Every Industry & Media Channel. Online & Offline. Team Player. Troubleshooter.

Texts and ideas have always been my superpower. So love letters and apology letters for classmates became my first jobs. And finished homework was my daily rate.. I don’t work for maths homework anymore. If the question arises. But using words to make others shine, to solve problems, is still exactly what I love today. Even though I’ve already won 100 national and international creative awards, those were more by-products, because my focus is 100% on my clients and their communication tasks. With fun, experience, commitment and smartness. As a curious person, I find every industry exciting and have worked for almost all of them. Each industry is a world of its own and I love to slip into their tonality and way of thinking like an actor. Advertising copy, ideas, transcreations – I play in every playground that somehow has to do with words and/or ideas. TV, radio, headlines, long & short copies, sales texts, concepts, campaigns, online and even very unusual assignments. For example, I was the name giver for a race horse, developed product ideas for an insurance company, designed a discount concept for cash register systems and developed the business plan for a Gambian chicken farm. And, who knows, maybe there will be another commission for a love letter ;O)