Why your Copywriting agency needs effective HR solutions

HR is a vital function for any business, and this is certainly true for copywriting agencies. To make sure your business is running efficiently, you must invest in the right HR solutions. They can greatly improve the performance of your business. Here’s how your copywriting agency can benefit from the right HR solutions.

Remote Workers

Copywriting businesses are often very agile and can use remote workers from around the world.

This allows agencies to draw on the very best talent, but it also makes things difficult from an HR perspective. Your HR team has to make sure everyone has the right experience with your company, getting paid on time, and having a point of contact when needed, and that has to be the same wherever the employee is.

Remote workers can help expand your copywriting agency. But you’ve also got to have the right HR systems in place to be able to accommodate them.


You want to have the best people working for you, and that means putting the right recruitment procedures in place. Whether you’re recruiting copywriters, account managers, or any other position, you need to have access to the best talent, and your HR department is going to play a role in this.

This becomes even more important when you’re recruiting internationally for remote work, where there are different laws you need to be aware of. Finding talent outside your local market can be a great benefit, but your HR team also needs to make sure you’re complying with local regulations.


It’s not uncommon for copywriting companies to work with freelancers. Again, this is something that needs to be factored into your HR solutions.

Working with freelancers allows your business to be agile and have more people ready to do work when you need it. While not having to pay them when there’s less work in your pipeline. Although this is an attractive prospect, you also have to make sure your HR department is ready to take care of slightly different methods of payment and ensure a smooth experience for your freelancers.

Freelancers can be a great asset for your copywriting company, but you’ve got to be able to offer them a good experience if you’re going to be able to work with the best ones consistently.


As your copywriting agency expands, you might find your clients come to you to solve other problems besides copy. For example, they might want you to provide them with blog articles and do some link building for their website.

Rather than passing the business on to someone else, you might outsource this work to a company who are specialists in link building. This way, you still benefit from overseeing the project, you continue to build your relationship with the client, and you can provide great results.

Of course, all of this needs to be billed correctly, so you must have got good HR systems in place to make sure your outsourcing runs efficiently.

Employee Happiness

This might be the simplest point on the list – people like getting paid on time. They also like having a central place where they can easily check on all the HR questions, raise concerns, and get important information. Mobile HR software from XCD gives you just that – a centralized place for employees to take care of important tasks.

If you can’t take care of basic elements such as making sure people get paid on time, then it is going to lead to problems. If you’re going to keep a highly talented workforce happy, then you’ve got to treat them well, and part of that is having a streamlined HR system that works for them.

Happy employees are going to produce good work, and HR can play a part in this.

Creating Policies

Your agency brings together people from all over the country, from different backgrounds, with different qualifications. So how do you ensure they’re all working from the same page?

This is where it’s important to have comprehensive policies that set out your working environment and the expectations you have.

People need to understand how your business functions and how they can fit into it. This is an important function of your HR.

Understanding Pay Levels

You need to be able to attract talented employees. But at the same time, you’ve got to be competitive in the prices you offer your clients. This means you’ve got to hit the right balance over how much you pay your staff.

If you’re paying too little, then you’re going to struggle to attract the best people. But if you’re paying too much, then it’s going to be hard to turn a profit. Your HR team and the solutions they have in place should be able to guide you and help you understand the pay levels your business needs to succeed.


We all make mistakes, but your business needs to limit those mistakes as much as possible.

You can’t have bills being paid late, employee’s hours not being added up correctly, paid leave not being registered and other issues happening continuously. If you see too many errors, then you’ve got to look for ways to make your HR more accurate. And the answer is often in automation.

There’s a lot of great software out there. They can boost your accuracy and make sure your HR is much more efficient.

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You’ve got a business to run, and the last thing you want to be worrying about is whether you’re complying with a whole list of regulations. Instead, you need to know this is something that’s being taken care of by your HR department so you can get on with running your business without worrying about these small details.

This is something you have to make sure you’ve got taken care of, and the right HR solutions are going to be essential to this. It’s an area where if you’re not investing, then it can come back to bite you.