10 Must-reads for copywriters

Has your marketing copy technique been lacking something? Are you looking for fresh ideas on how to revamp your copywriting skills? If you have answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together a list of top 10 must-reads for copywriters.

Copywriting can take on many different forms, whether it’s inbound marketing, breathing life into a brand through content writing, or simply telling a story. No matter what your writing job is, there are tons of tips and tricks for copywriting, regardless of skill level; and, they can be applied in every industry to get through to all audiences.

So, if you’re just starting out, or if you want to improve on your skills thus far, here are ten great books to read – ones that will help you gain skills in techniques like storytelling and persuasion.

1. Everybody writes – Ann Handley

“Ann Handley offers fun and approachable book in copywriting,” says Lara Courtney, a writer at Essayroo and Thesis Writing. “A self-made marketing guru and chief content officer at MarketingProfs, Handley explores the world of copywriting in a down-to-earth approach, believing that every blogger and website-runner is both a writer and publisher. Therefore, her straightforward advice on successful marketing will help you boost your social media pages, LinkedIn profiles, and blogs.”

2. The well-fed writer – Peter Bowerman

A technical writing book, actually, The Well-Fed Writer focuses on the business side of commercial writing, and what that entails. Although this book is a bit dated, it still includes a lot of helpful information, if you’ve just started in your copywriting venture. This book can be especially helpful if you’re trying to create a good pipeline of regular, high-paying accounts.

3. Breakthrough Copywriting: how to generate quick cash with the written word – David Garfinkel

If you’re familiar with the fundamentals of copywriting and want to refine your skills, then look to David Garfinkel’s Breakthrough Copywriting. This book lets you in on the ‘insider secrets’ on how to tap into your prospective audience’s emotions, and have your message resonate with them. As you read through the different techniques on how to make your content memorable for your audience, you’ll soon be able to stand out from your competitors.

4. The Super Mega Brainy Bundle – Joanna Wiebe

Considered the copywriting handbook for more advanced writers, The Super Mega Brainy Bundle is a collection of six ebooks that focus on creating online messages that connect with customers. (Copies of these ebooks are limited but definitely worth checking out when you have the chance.)

5. D&AD: the copybook – D&AD

The Copy Book is a must-have for all copywriters – novice or expert. Nicknamed the ‘Copywriting Bible,’ this book will definitely convince you that advertising is a legitimate art form, not a sales pitch that anyone can simply brush off.

6. Bird by Bird: some instructions on writing and life – Anne Lamott

Anne Lamott offers a hilarious, big-hearted take on writing. As such, any writer and copywriter can use this influential advice in their own writing.

Coming from the words of her father (who also happens to be a writer) – to take something ‘bird by bird’(hence this book’s title) – Bird by Bird is essential for every writer who wants that creative spark in their next writing venture.

7. Breakthrough Advertising – Eugene Schwartz

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Breakthrough Advertising is a must-read when it comes to creating effective copywriting that sells. Although this book can be really complex for readers, it doesn’t shy away from telling you the mechanics on how to create advertising that encourages direct responses from your audience. And although this book tends to be pricey in the current market, it’s still a good investment, if you want to create the best advertising out there.

8. Made to stick: why some ideas survive and others die – Chip and Dan Heath

Although this book isn’t technically a copywriting book, it will still teach you the ways that products sell, and how you can recreate that ability to sell with special techniques that you can apply towards your brand. Along with exploring the different techniques, Made to Stick also comes with interesting case studies from organizations, along with down-to-earth examples (i.e. urban legends).

9. Hey, Whipple, squeeze this: the classic guide to creating great ads – Luke Sullivan

Want to create advertising that’s not only effective, but it’ll have consumers wanting more? Then this book by Luke Sullivan is for you!

Hey, Whipple, squeeze this offers the best advice when it comes to advertising,” says Lucinda Gascoigne, a journalist at Paperfellows and State of Writing. Sullivan will show you the principles for creating copy that helps you connect customers on an emotional level. Many well-known copywriters of today would refer to this book when you ask them how they’ve learned their craft. They’ll tell you that book is essential for every copywriter’s library, that every copywriter should have this handy.

10. Wired for story: the writer’s guide to using brain science to hook readers from the very first sentence – Lisa Cron

What does the mind crave, when it comes to storytelling? How do you keep readers wanting more? What makes a story successful? These are the questions that will be addressed in Wired for Story.

Lisa Cron uncovers the cognitive secrets on what makes a piece of writing good. Cron understands that many writers fail to capture what makes readers tick, and how they can keep them hooked into a story from beginning to end. But the good news is, she wants all writers to be able to succeed in storytelling and keeping readers hooked.

In Wired for Story, Cron discusses how the brain is hardwired in people’s desire to learn what happens next in a story (You know, the scientific side of things!). With examples of neuroscience ranging from reading novels to screenplays, this book talks about how these things can actually affect the brain to where dopamine plays a big role in keeping the reader ‘satisfied’ from beginning to end. This is a must-read for any writer who wants to perfect their storytelling techniques or wants to start being a storyteller.


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While there are still many great books to choose from when it comes to creating successful copies, these ten will inspire you to do more with your current techniques, and help you gain more skills and win at content distribution (print or online). They will also help you ace in sharing methods, like social media and websites.

Just keep in mind: successful copywriting does not (and will not) happen overnight. However, you can start learning to Copywrite and perfect the craft by reading these top ten must-reads for copywriters. So, have fun, and happy reading!

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