Anyone who has ever worked with an automotive copywriter knows they are a unique bunch of people. They have power in their pens and their texts go from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds. They have a broad interest in everything that has to do with mobility, which of course nowadays goes far beyond the car. The automotive copywriter is your multi-purpose vehicle that drives your message from A to B.


The automobile has a rich history, from T-Ford to Tesla. Copywriters who specialize in anything to do with cars know the history inside out. They can immediately see whether an innovation really means a breakthrough for the sector. As well as this, they have an overview of the total range of cars, enabling them to write convincing text from the buyer’s perspective. They are in fact car salesmen but with a pen and paper. It’s not uncommon that an automotive copywriter has a background in sales. If not that, they have previously been an engineer or designer for a car brand. Often they are former automotive journalists. In any case, they know everything there is to know about cars, car buyers and communication.


Automotive copywriters are the co-drivers of car importers, car dealers, advertising agencies and digital marketing agencies working for car brands.
They work extensively with their client. They love to dive deep into the subject matter and understand the product down to the last nut and bolt.

Equally important to them are the people who will get behind the wheel.
From the first car of someone who just got their drivers license, the first family car of young parents, to the first executive car of the new CEO.

An automotive copywriter also writes for the millennial who finds use more important than possession. There are more and more mobile platforms that combine car use with public transport, bicycle and cab.

All roads

These days, there are countless roads leading to a potential customer. The automotive copywriter knows them all. From traditional to digital. He can tell your story just as easily in a film, on the radio, in a magazine, on a billboard, in social media, or via re-targeting and e-mails. Of course, they are highly skilled in (digital) product brochures and branded magazines. Press releases, media kits and communication tools for trade fairs are also part of the daily work of copywriters in the mobility sector. Call them a T-shaped professional, growth hacker or performance marketer; an automotive copywriter is all of these things.

Copywriters in this sector write with passion

Bold style

The expression ‘written in a roaring style’ is bound to come from the automotive sector. Copywriters in this sector write with passion because everything on wheels is their passion. But just like a car, these copywriters have several gears. From quiet to roaring. It’s just what you’re looking for. Your copywriter takes the target group, the medium and the brand into account. This way you get a copy that fits you in an inalienable way. Like the lion for Peugeot, the prancing horse for Ferrari or the jaguar for … exactly!


The automotive sector is very extensive and has a chain of business and consumer-oriented companies and organizations. Occasion websites, leasing companies, financing providers, maintenance companies, car repair shops, car-sharing platforms, car part suppliers, car accessories; the automotive world is enormous. Fortunately, so is the knowledge and experience of the automotive copywriter. He or she always knows how to find the right words to grab your customers’ attention and convey your message in an engaging, memorable and activating way.


We live in a time of content, lots of content. The automotive industry is one of the larger producers of all kinds of content. Unfortunately, we see a lot of content that is written on autopilot. Pieces of text written by inexperienced copywriters or students who want to make some extra money. Or even by automated content generators.

Such texts are inexpensive to produce, but usually, deliver little in the way of conversion. Search engines and consumers are not easily fooled. Only original and relevant copy scores. Texts that are written with passion, that have something new to say and that connect with what people are looking for at that moment.

Automotive copywriters know the customer journey of car buyers

The journey

Especially with an expensive product like an (electric) car, the buyer has a long journey. Automotive copywriters are at home with this customer journey like no other. They know every touchpoint and know how to make the most of it. The copy is of course easily found by search engines. They know how to grab attention and convert it into real interest.

They manoeuvre prospects step-by-step in the right direction. All rational and emotional arguments are deployed at the right time, creating a red carpet to the new purchase.


There is hardly any industry in such a state of flux as the automotive industry. Many brands are pioneering electric cars, hydrogen cars or prototypes with solar panels.
Sustainability is increasingly penetrating the sector and that is a good thing.

More and more consumers are looking for a sustainable lifestyle. They wonder whether promises about range, recharging speed and life span are credible. This requires specific copywriting skills. Fortunately, an automotive copywriter knows how to put things in the right perspective. They always find the right balance between realism and enthusiasm for a new brand or model.

Test drive

Just as you test drive a number of cars before deciding which one to choose, it is also a good idea to look at various profiles of automotive copywriters. That way, you’ll discover who has the right experience and can demonstrate effective work. Don’t forget the personal click, either, because if all goes well you’ll become each other’s travelling companions on an inspiring route to success!

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