How can article writing bring value to a business

Writing and publishing great content through your business is a proven method for attracting visitors and potential customers. Businesses have been using this method for centuries to build an audience that can be pitched products and services.

This marketing technique reached its high point in recent years due to the popularity of the web. Today, businesses of all sizes can use the internet as a marketing tool to get more viewers and prospects.

The key to success here is to get a good blog and article writing service on your side to do your marketing. Copywriting services have proven their value in the digital domain. They have become so useful that nearly every successful online business has to hire an experienced team of writers either in-house or through a third-party company.

In this piece, we examine how article writing services help businesses achieve their strategic goals.

Bring more visitors through guides

If you search for information online on a search engine like Google, you will find websites like Wikipedia, Quora, Wikihow, Balance and Investopedia etc come up in the top results frequently. What do all these websites have in common?

Most of these websites provide information; in the form of guides and helpful articles that help people who want such information. These websites mostly provide information for free and don’t ask their users for anything in return. Well, except the occasional donation requests from Wikipedia every now and then, but I digress.

The point is, these websites give something of value to online users. On the surface, it may look like a one-way benefit, but it benefits both sides if we look closer.

When users visit websites like Quora for knowledge, it helps raise the website’s online ranking on various search engines. This gives the website more visibility in search results and attracts even more traffic.

Reduce advertising costs

Businesses that spend tons of money on paid advertisements to attract visitors can learn from the example of websites like Quora and Wikipedia.

Your business can post regular articles and guides about your industry on your website. If users find this information useful, it will increase the number of people who organically visit your website and lower your digital marketing budget.

Improve domain authority

When you publish articles on your website, you are tailoring them for two purposes.

The first is your audience, of course. Your articles must appeal to readers and have the right mix of infotainment so that they keep coming back. The second purpose of articles is to build and improve your domain authority.

We won’t get into the details of domain authority here. In a nutshell, it is the search engine ranking for your website based on its perceived level of usefulness, relevance, and expertise in a particular subject or industry. The more your website receives references by other businesses, particularly high ranking websites, the higher your domain authority becomes.

Domain authority can be raised by getting more inbound links to your pages from external sources. If you publish good quality articles consistently, there is a good chance that your articles will be referenced and linked from other businesses more often.

Keep your business relevant

Another benefit of using article writing services is that your writers can help keep your business relevant. If you change your product portfolio based on the season, you can share this information with your followers through a new article.

If you expand the business to new geographical locations, launch a new product or build new partnerships with other businesses, you can also share this information in a detailed article.

Quite often, businesses use articles to publish their views, opinions and like or dislike current, ongoing events. This can help them win more sympathizers and attract customers for the business.

Explain your point of view

Articles also offer a great way to present your opinion and explain your point of view when things go wrong. If your business has recently been caught in a scandal or accused of malpractice, you can publish an article to explain things from your side.

It is always best to go with a professional article writing service in such cases. Even if are great at writing, you could write something while emotionally charged up or quote figures that are not factually correct. This can make your case worse.

A professional article writer keeps the tone balanced and neutral in your explanatory article, which indicates you are on top of things and improves your chance of clicking with your audience.

Impress your audience

There is a lot of competition online. Even the best of websites struggle to make it to the top 100 list, let alone the top 10. If your website has mediocre content or doesn’t update blogs and articles frequently, your business will be dismissed by potential clients as ‘new’ or ‘inexperienced’.

Potential clients and prospects feel more comfortable when dealing with a business that seems to know what it is doing. Websites with regular updates appear to be more informed and dedicated. To have a better chance at being taken seriously, put regular articles and blog content on your site.


We live in an era of constantly competing brands. Article writing is a great marketing strategy to differentiate your business and attract an audience in the online space.

You can use content in the form of articles, blogs, infographics and even videos to help convince people that you are knowledgeable and experienced in your domain. If you don’t publish content this way, you risk becoming irrelevant and forgotten in the digital domain.

There are plenty of professional article writing services out there that can help you build an audience and deliver real profits for your business. If you are not already posting an article on your site already, now is a good time to start!


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