Will AI redefine content marketing for businesses?

Content marketing is essential if you want to put your brand out there in front of the audience and improve visibility. However, the flip side is, today, most content marketers work without a proper understanding of the end-user. There is no full comprehension of the readers and their personas, despite the data available for them to analyse.

One of the primary reasons could be attributed to the fact that the job of a content marketer is increasing. Not only do they have to work on content creation, but also on distribution and constant analysis of the content itself. It becomes difficult to understand and analyse the customer and their needs.

AI, which has been influencing app marketing strategies in several companies, can help with devising the app content marketing strategy and automating your workflow. You can easily allow the AI-based tools to help with curation, creation and distribution of content. Along with a proper understanding of the end-users of your brand. This frees up your time to concentrate on your core tasks.

What is AI?

It is an intelligent machine that depicts human-like behaviour. These machines learn from past data, use their knowledge, and make on-the-spot decisions.

For instance, the chatbots connect with human beings, talk to them about their issues, and even suggest help. These chatbots have upped the game for customer service offered by the businesses.

You now know what AI is, and how it can prove to be useful in the current times.

Let’s understand how AI will be the game changer for content marketing.


#1 Personalised content solutions

Content marketers are merely replicating the content or topics. Nobody understands the customer or their needs anymore. This has become an issue because nobody from your target audience is reading the blogs or getting a grasp of the content you plan and release.

AI will help you understand your audience better. It gives you a chance at defining the persona, understanding what works with the user, and delivering a content that strikes the right chord.

Users, in the age and time of Amazon, expect the companies to understand their expectations and want them to create products and services accordingly. AI will analyse the huge lump of data available regarding the users to help businesses understand what they are looking for, and what are their concerns, expectations and needs. Once that is understood, marketers can deliver content accordingly, which will help reap engagement and profits.

Netflix is an ideal example of personalised content solutions. From the Netflix originals to the content suggested by the app to their audience, there is a lot of data-driven analysis that takes place. The company understands its users, their content preferences, the type of content they watch, and what is popular with a particular segment, before creating new content or recommending an existing content.

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#2 Improved strategies

Delivering good content requires a good strategy at the backend. Artificial Intelligence promises to help deliver a strategy that resonates with the audience. Segmentation and better targeting improve your content consumption and conversion.

Let’s say there is a particular segment seeking your knowledge, but your content never reaches them. With AI, you will know of this segment and the type of content they read. You will also know the channels where they are active. It will help you create and distribute content in a better way. Similarly, you will know their content consumption traits and devise your content marketing strategies accordingly. There are AI tools that not only enable you to understand your audience better but also offer you an in-depth class into segmenting your audience into different personas. It will help you provide relevant content and increase conversions.

#3 In-depth measuring and monitoring

It is important to continually measure the results of the content marketing strategies you have devised for your company to get an idea into app success. However, it is not easy for the team to constantly work up the strategies, write the content and then measure the results. Measuring involves checking with Analytics and understanding the visits and the engagement rates for the content.

Artificial Intelligence will help generate the reports essential to understand the performance of the content by analysing the content performance via Analytics. It will help you with the relevant data and insights, which can, in turn, improve your content marketing strategies.

Some AI models offer editing, which helps improve and optimize the content.


Summing up

Artificial Intelligence is already disrupting other aspects of digital marketing. With this, it will eventually automate even the writing and editing part of the content. However, AI cannot reproduce the authenticity, personal narrative and genuine content that quality content copywriters are able to produce.

However, AI will essentially help writers with ideas, flow and even the right techniques, which will eventually help them strategise and distribute it over the defined channels for better prospects.


About the Author:

Atman Rathod is the Co-founder at CMARIX TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd., a leading web and Mobile App Development Services with 13+ years of experience. He loves to write about technology, startups, entrepreneurship and business. His creative abilities, academic track record and leadership skills made him one of the key industry influencers as well.