Deploy WordPress for rapid business growth

Many freelancers, start-ups and businesses are not aware of how amazing WordPress is for their business’ growth. It is a free platform and outstanding for ease of use, performance, and flexibility. Moreover, WordPress has an extensive global community of developers, unlimited tutorials, simple guides, e-books, videos. Even multiple businesses dedicated to assisting you in your business growth and WordPress site maintenance.

A sneak peek into WordPress and why it is good for your business

WordPress empowers more than one-quarter of business websites in the world. It serves as the site builder for prominent companies like CNN, TIME, Disney, Sony Corp, and lots more. It as a simple platform or content management system for bloggers. Over time, it gradually became the most widely-sought after CMS in the world, endowed with functions and features that are highly conducive for building business websites in all niches.

Created in 2003, WordPress is a platform to make online publishing accessible to everyone – both website designers and those who did not design websites. It comprises a set of free open-sourced code files that form the core structure of the site. Experienced web developers work with its source code for customizing the WordPress platform. However, those with a non-technical background can also work with its other functional elements, plugins, and themes for designing functional sites without even a single code.

WordPress sets up websites from personal blogs to large business sites with multiple users and complex functions. If the website site is a self-hosted one, it is under the control of the site owner. WordPress sites are flexible and scalable. They grow and can evolve with the growth of the business. Given below are some of the key advantages of embracing WordPress for business sites.

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WordPress is free and open-source

WordPress is ideal for business owners that have tight budgets as well as for large organizations. The platform enables a business to set up and operate a website. It includes free themes and plugins alongside buying a hosting account and a domain name. It is simple for anyone to download and install from its official portal on any hosting platform. Or you can directly install it from any option for site building that comes with the hosting account you choose.

To customize a business site, you need to add functions specific to your business’s niche. Users of WordPress can use thousands of themes and plugins from the directories of WordPress. They are free; however, if your business has complex business requirements and you need added functionality. You can always buy premium WordPress themes and plugins or even hand over the management and the design of the site to a dedicated team for WordPress development.


Quick to install and set up for businesses

When you have downloaded WordPress, you can set it up fast and start to add content. The platform is easily installed in a single click and conveniently customized to get the site up and operative soon. This is possible because WordPress is exclusively designed for publishers and bloggers with no or little experience of codes.

Experts from esteemed Salesforce solutions company Flosum state that once WordPress has been installed, content and its settings can be managed easily from the dashboard option. Users with experience in development can work directly with the core WP files. Or they can hire experienced developers for the task. You can also manage a WordPress business site without making edits to its core codes at all.


24/7 accessibility for authorized users

Several users from any device can effectively manage WordPress sites. You can access WordPress from a mobile device or a computer, using any user with the appropriate permission. This enables users to work remotely on the site and collaborate with other users without hassles.


Responsive mobile themes and mobile-friendly

The number of online transactions and searches are conducted from mobile devices increasingly over conventional desktops. This implies that you should be mobile-friendly with your business site if you want to be competitive in the market. Users should be able to view your site and access it from any mobile device or screen with a completely responsive design. WordPress sites for your business can be created with mobile-responsive themes that automatically adjust the posts and pages for mobile device viewing. You can opt for multiple ranges of premium and free plugins that assist you in adding exclusive design features to a site that has a non-responsive theme.


Scalable and flexible for life

Because WordPress is for bloggers, you have the freedom to mix and match WordPress themes and plugins to create many unique sites to meet the company’s specific needs. These WP themes are code sets for overlaying the code of WordPress sites to create a desired layout and appearance best suited for your business. You need to visit the directory of WordPress to get these premium and free themes. In case you want to explore more options, you can buy them from third-party developers and have them installed conveniently on your WordPress site.

Besides these theme options, you can embrace WP plugins that give you specific features and features to your site. They are small bits of code that are easily installed and activated on compatible WordPress sites for enhanced business functionality. They meet the business owner’s specific needs. As well as creating a whole eCommerce storefront where you can add payment gateways, manage your mailing list and do much more. There are over 50K WordPress plugins available in its directory. And like their theme counterparts, you can also purchase them from third-party developers across the globe.

Selecting the right one is the key here. You need to be certain about what will work for your business and then select accordingly.


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