Upcoming ‘News Cycle’: Featured freelancers

Featured freelancers for upcoming promotions

In our communications (press release, blog posts, social media and eNewsletter) for the coming months, we’ll be focusing on a different theme every month and having featured freelancers in each. Each one will be related to freelancing.

  • June – Charity copywriting
  • July – The crisis
  • August – Freedom of freelancing
  • September – Brand activation

Would you like to be featured?

We’d like to promote freelancers who’s skills have relevant skills and experience. If you would like to be featured, email jack[at]copywritercollective.com Simply send a 35 word description selling yourself in the third person.
For “the crisis” it could be that you’re a financial copywriter. For “freedom of freelancing” it could be because you live in France but freelance for companies in Holland. For “brand activation” it could because you are part of a creative team, highly in demand for activation campaigns.

Here’s an example for Charity Copywriting:
Simon – English Creative Director specialising in Charity Campaigns 
Simon cut his teeth on charity advertising at Saatchi & Saatchi London, winning awards for a radio commercial for The Samaritans. In Simon’s subsequent career at Lowe (Head of Copy), Rainey Kelly Y&R and Leo Burnett London (Creative Director), he has worked regularly on charity projects including the NSPCC, Sue Ryder Care and others.
[and short version for Facebook/Twitter:]

Simon is a freelance Creative Director (Ex-CD of Leo Burnett London) specialising in national charity campaigns.
And in action (bottom of the eNewsletter to clients):