Think like your copywriting prospect and avoid these 7 pitfalls

When we put pen to paper in crafting our salescopy, we will want to impress people. Sometimes, we can get a little carried away in telling people how wonderful our product and services. You are right. There is nothing wrong if we toot our horns. The problem is when we missed the crucial matters. Here is a list of 7 things you may want to counter check each time you roll out your salescopy.

Assume your copywriting prospect has time for you

Everyone is busy with his or her own things. To you, these things maybe little but to your prospect, they are the most important things to him. Your prospects needs more than 24 hours a day to attend to his stuff. He needs 28 hours a day.

What this means is, you need to have enough “reasons why” for him to spare some of his time to listen to you.

You only have that moment to convince him and build the trust.

So are you ready?

Assume your prospect does not need detail information of your products and services

You may have heard that people will not spend time reading long and wordy salescopy. This is true if you are not interested in what you are looking at.

We humans are a bunch of skeptical animals that will not believe anyone easily.

Would you simply give $100 to anyone for no reason?

I bet you will say no.

Yeah. Some small group of people may actually do so for some strange reasons.

But most of us will not. If you want your prospect to part with his hard-earned money then you have to tell him all the facts he needs to make that crucial decision.

If you need 5 pages or 10 pages to put your reason why across to him for him to make his decision, then give it to him.

Ignoring your prospect after he becomes your customer

Remember the time when you had a pleasant experience at your local departmental store.

The questions you asked, the store manager patiently answered them.

The concerns you had…were quickly addressed.

How would you feel if the store manager calls you up a few days later and ask you about the item you bought? Will you be happier to know that the store still care about you?

Of course, you would be.

Will you go back to the store again?

Of course you do.

Don’t you want this to happen to you every time you are buy something?

Sure you do.

And even if you have not have experience such good service before, you will want to experience it.

Take care of your customers and they will be your customers for life.

Expect your prospect to think and decode your message

If you expect your prospect to read your message 2 or 3 times and to crack his head just to understand your salescopy then you are wrong.

The moment he gets confuse, you will lose him at that point.

Remember, it is a conversation. We don’t talk to friends using Shakespeare’s English. Neither do we lead our friends into a guessing game. We always go straight to the point.

Use words or sentences that he understands and able to connect to it immediately.

Forget about words such as supercilious, pompous and orotund when you can use everyday words to replace them.

If you can describe your points in 5 sentences, then just do it and stop beating around the bush..

Expect your copywriting prospect to decode the real meaning behind your message

One of the biggest mistakes you can do to your salescopy is making your prospect confuse. As I said earlier, you only have that moment to get his attention and having a confusion sales piece is not your option.

What is even worse is when your messages raises more doubts in him.

This is a big no no and it is a recipe for losing him before you can put your point across to him.

Get to your point…clear and fast.

Expect your prospect to beg for your product

Your prospect is spoiled with choices. He has his favourite brands.

If you are not in his favourite list then you need to work hard to convert him.

Don’t expect people to queue overnight just to get your product. It won’t happen…unless of course…you own Apple products.

Other than that, you will have to go forward and reach him.

Not having a third party endorsement

How many times have you come across ads that boost winning of multiple awards or they have the best selling product and they just forgot to include testimonials?


What does “receiving accolades from editors, makeup artistes and consumer alike” means to your prospects?

What will be the first thought that goes into the mind of the prospect when he sees this?

“Editor. Of course, they will write good reviews. They are being paid to do so”

It does not help your product the product. Any one can say his product is the best. But without testimonials, it is just like self praise.

What you really need are good and real testimonials from real people.

Seriously, self-praise is no praise.

Hear you soon…

Barnabas NgAbout the author: Barnabas Ng

Barnabas Ng is a direct response copywriter. He helps you get your message across to your market with conversational copywriting.

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