The Writing Life — Take the Pressure Off and Just Create

I’ve been feeling the call to start another novel.

This is on top of working on my next nonfiction book, blogging several times a week, and let’s not forget copywriting for clients and my own biz.

Needless to say, starting a novel feels like a lot of writing on my plate. It also doesn’t feel like the best use of my time.

So, I’ve been resisting the call.

And all I’ve managed to do is make the call stronger.


So, as I wrestled with this last week, I saw on Facebook another plug for this little 1-minute video by Ira Glass that’s been making the rounds. I watched it a few months ago, but I couldn’t actually remember what it was about, and for some reason I felt compelled to watch it again.

In a nutshell, Glass says as an artist you were born with good taste. And you’re also an artist, so you start to create. But your early works don’t match your taste. So, a lot of artists give up. But the way to become good is to create lots of things — just pump them out. And eventually, what you create will match your taste.

As I watched it again, a lightbulb went off.

I thought to myself, maybe that’s the secret. Take the pressure off and just create. Know I’m going to create a lot of crap, and that’s okay. Just have fun and create and eventually see what happens.

You see, whenever I’ve started a novel in the past, I always start it thinking “this is the one.” This will be the one that will hit it big, change my life, make me rich and famous, etc. etc.

And, somewhere in the middle, I begin realizing this isn’t the one. There are flaws. I can feel the flaws even if I can’t see them (or, worse yet, fix them).  And I know I’m not up to the task of creating “the one” yet.

And I’m disappointed. And discouraged. And I start to wonder if I’ll ever be up to the task of creating “the one” so why should I even bother?

But, what if I start this novel with the idea I’m going to have fun with it (this IS the year where my theme is Play/Fun after all) and knowing that not only is this novel probably NOT going to be the one, but it’s just more “practice” on my way to becoming good.

No pressure. Just have fun.

Interesting thought.

I’ll keep you posted.

Until next time.


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  1. Shawn Wilson
    Shawn Wilson says:

    You’ve rediscovered what Ray Bradbury said: every writer has a million bad words in him, and that the sooner you get through that first million, the faster you get to the words worth sharing.

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